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Fortune 500 Benefits

Insurance (Full-Time Employees Only):

   Medical (Employee portion partially subsidized by Stambush)
   Dental (free to the employee)
   Long Term Disability (free to the employee)


   Life (free to the employee)

   Supplemental Coverage through AFLAC also available
Stambush Staffing also carries Professional Liability Insurance and Worker’s Comp on all our employees.
401K (For All Employees)
Full-time and part-time employees are both eligible to participate in our 401K as long as they are at least 20 years of age. They become eligible to participate 90 days from their first day of work with Stambush.
Your 401K is also 100% vested after 90 days with Stambush, so you don't have to worry about any "golden handcuffs" with us.
The employee/employer contribution rates are as follows:
Employee                                    Employer

1%                                               1%
2%                                               2%
3%                                               3%
4%                                               3.5%
5%                                               4%
4% is the maximum employer contribution to our 401K.
Have any questions? Please be sure to contact us if you need more information.