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Giving Staffing a Good Name

The Straight Shooter

Sepke is a Belgian Malinois, and if you've never heard of that breed, YouTube can give you a great introduction to their freaky nature. But if you don't have time, a Belgian Malinois was used in the Seal Team 6 Osama Bin Laden raid as well as the most recent Pennsylvania escaped convict capture.  These dogs can be dangerous, and they should NEVER be agitated.  Some of these dogs, including Sepke, have PTSD.  Feel free to call Scott for more info.  

Despite the above, if you're interested in a retired working dog, contact They have many dogs of different breeds that need homes. Again, some of these dogs have gone through great trauma, so they are not normal dogs. Like Scott says about Jujitsu, "Everyone's journey is different.”

To get a better deal on any Tesla product, make sure you use someone's referral code.  Here is Scott's referral code if you need one...

Where Are They Now?
Our Cofounders, Susan (PT) and Scott Stambush, stepped away years ago.  But what are they up to now?   

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Elite MMA on Westheimer:  At 65 years old, Scott still practices Brazilian Jujitsu at Elite MMA's Westheimer location. Scott has been practicing BJJ for over 10 years now, and he is only a blue belt with four stripes.  Why so low in the ranking? Shouldn't Scott be a blackbelt by now?  Scott says, "Everyone's journey is different."

In light of the above, if anyone is interested in Jujitsu for themselves, kids, or other friends or family, just send Scott a text.  Fred will give you his cell.  Also, Scott can arrange a one week trial period.  Elite has several locations, and Scott does not have to be with you. But if you want him with you, he will try.

Tesla, the Texas PUC, and Scott Find Their Interests Aligned

This could be viewed as a Tesla commercial but please know that as of this writing, Scott and Susan are not invested in Tesla except by owning their products or buying their services. However, Scott is looking at getting back into Tesla stock or options, but he is not sure if he will or when he will.  By the time you receive this, even Scott does not know.

How it Began:
1.  Scott and Susan bought their used Tesla (2014) Model S in 2016 as just a mode of transportation that didn't need much maintenance and would save money on gasoline. However, when Storm Uri knocked out Scott and Susan's power in February of 2021, the Tesla Model S kept the Stambush family safe and warm for 2 1/2 days.  In addition to saving the Stambush family from suffering the cold, the family was able to binge watch Netflix for the entire 2 1/2 days.  What did they watch?  Supernatural.  All 15 seasons.  After all that time, the Tesla still had power in the battery. Needless to say, the Stambush family loves Tesla.    

2.  Tesla Virtual Power Plant (VPP) at the Stambush Home:  Because of Storm Uri, the Stambush home installed the Tesla solar panels and Powerwalls in the summer of 2021.  In June of 2023, Scott signed up with Tesla Electric, and as of this writing, all three his electric bills have not only been zero, but they have also had a credit ($649.71 credit on the last bill and $124.42 on the bill before) that Scott can trade for cash after one year.  Yes, to Scott it is worth it. Feel free to talk to him about more details,

3.  PUCTX Task Force:  After seeing one of Scott's Twitter Posts about getting a credit of $124, Tesla invited Scott to be a speaker at the PUCTX  Aggregated Distributed Energy Resources Task Force Anniversary Recap Meeting on August 24, 2023.  Scott spoke about what it was like being a Tesla Electric customer as a Virtual Power Plant owner.  In essence, Scott said being a VPP owner is like being a sun farmer.  The solar panels harvest the sun's rays into energy to power the home, and excess energy goes to the Powerwalls.  From the Powerwalls, energy can be sold back to the grid or used to power the home after the sun goes down. If the Powerwalls get full, the excess energy is automatically sold back to the grid so nothing is wasted.

4. Fancy Movie Star? 
Scott was on TV (in Austin Texas) discussing what it's like being a VPP through Tesla.  Now that he has been on TV, Scott thinks it won't be long before he is called out to Hollywood to do a movie.  I guess a boy can dream, but I'm pretty sure Scott ain't gonna be a movie star.   

Here is the interview so you can judge for yourself.

What about Susan Stambush, PT? 
Susan is also retired.  She spends her time taking care of the house, telling Scott what to do, and organizing an informal charity with her fellow St. Isabel Alumni (the school she attended from 1st grade until she graduated HS).  She calls her group the  Proud Isabelan Group (PIG). The group is devoted to helping the poor in the Philippines, mainly children for now. Susan makes no profit whatsoever.

Mosquitos Are Mean:
Susan is currently battling a single mosquito she says is in the house and constantly attacking her.  If you ever want to do small talk with Susan, just tell her that mosquitos are mean.  She will be so happy to know she isn't the only one who says that.  No, the mosquito does not bite Scott.

The Kids:  
Luke moved to California years ago and he recently had a pleasant (long overdue) 3 hour phone conversation with Scott and Susan.  Sassy is in her second year of college in the Dallas area. Sassy keeps in touch more than Luke.  We'll see if that continues once she is truly on her own like Luke. 

Their Third Child, Sepke Wardog Stambush?   
Sepke is a Wardog who worked in Kuwait as a bomb sniffer for 8 years.  He came to live with the Stambush family in Sugar Land about 6 years ago, and he immediately adopted Sassy, and followed her everywhere...even when she went to the bathroom, he would wait for her just outside the door . . .  

September 27, 2023