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Time is the one resource you can't get back, so stop wasting it with the wrong people and wrong agencies. Call Fred "The Man" Salazar at Stambush today, so you can protect your facility, patients and staff.
Q:  Is your staffing agency more messed up than a soup sandwich?
A:  Call Stambush.  We have been doing it right since 1989.

Q:  Do you want to support an agency that supports your profession? 
A:  If so, support Stambush.  We don’t hurt your profession by hiring inexperienced new graduates, and we competency test all of your fellow Stambush Teammates.   Additionally, we constantly support your profession by sponsoring events. 

Q:  Why would anybody support an enemy of their profession?
A:  We don’t know everything, but some reason’s may be:  They don’t care.  They don’t know about Stambush.  Their standards are too low for Stambush.



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Fred "The Man" Salazar
Problem: Will your staffing agency kill or hurt your reputation with patients?

Many staffing agencies hire any warm body with a license.  No experience, no competency test, and no social skills can easily result in a patient being dissatisfied or worse. 

Remedy: Higher HCAHPS.

With Stambush on your side, you are putting your Facility in a better position to have higher HCAHPS.  This is because we only hire experienced people, we competency test, and we have a real interview where we assess the applicant’s social skills.  Simply put, Stambush is your best bet for clinically and socially skilled talent. 


"Just say no to the GUTCA's - Greedy, Unprincipled Temporary Contract Agencies."
Remedy: No Solicitation Policy.

At Stambush we not only have a "No Solicitation" policy, but our referral fee program does not apply when referral arises out of an assignment.  In other words, our staff has NO corrupt motivation to convince your staff to join us.   


Problem: Is your temporary staffing agency a fox in your henhouse?

Many temporary staffing agencies pay their staff to recruit your staff.  To us that is a corrupt motivation that hurts you.  Oh the agency may swear that is not their intent, but when a person gets paid to refer your staff to their agency, that is the effect.

Remedy: Avoid GUTCA's. Use Stambush.

How Do You Avoid a GUTCA?  Use Stambush exclusively.  We require a minimum of one year of direct patient care experience, we competency test each and every applicant, we put truth above money, and Stambush was created to protect you from the GUTCA’s. 

Problem: Do you do business with a GUTCA?

A GUTCA is a Greedy Unprincipled Temporary Contract Agency.  They will hire any warm body with a license (even an inexperienced new graduate), and tell anybody anything they want to hear.  But they only exist to benefit themselves, and their people may not show up when you need them.  This is because a GUTCA will pull its staff away from you if it thinks it can get a better deal somewhere else.  It may be more money, it may be a longer assignment, it may be more to the therapist's liking, but if it thinks it has a better deal, you will not get your therapist as you were told.  And you will probably never know why.  Most GUTCA'S know what they are doing is wrong, they just don't care.  Instead, they will tell another lie like, “The Therapist got sick.  The therapist won’t answer her phone.  The therapist said something came up." 

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