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Job Description

What Can Stambush Staffing Do For You (in addition to the greatest sushi interview of all time)?

As a vital part of the most highly respected staffing agency in the Greater Houston Area, a Therapy Professional with "the right stuff" can enjoy the following:

*  Flexible Schedule
*  Full Time over $95,000
*  PRN and Part Time - Up to you
*  High Hourly Rate
*  401k
*  All Tolls Paid
*  All Parking Paid
*  Paid Mileage Depending on Facility
*  No Politics - Equal Pay Employer
*  24/7 Office On Call
*  Lawyer Owned & No Monkey Business
*  Founded in Houston in 1989

About Us!

Founded in 1989 by husband and wife, Scott Stambush (a Licensed Texas Attorney) and Susan Stambush, PT, MTC, Stambush is known far and wide as the best staffing agency around because of our high quality, ethics, and golden rule approach to everyone we deal with.  Don't believe this statement?  Call any Houston Area Director of Rehab and ask them,  "Who the best agency in Houston?  

Indisputable Facts:

Stambush has never hired an inexperienced New Grad.  Everyone has at least one year of direct patient care.   We believe inexperienced new grads are best served by consistency with a good mentor and we cannot honestly guarantee that will always be the case.  After all, it is called "Temporary Staffing" for a reason:-)

Stambush competency tests all applicants.  You want your teammates to be competent and so do we.  Let the other agencies do their thing, and we'll do ours.  Smart Directors and decision makers choose the best agency, and those are the kinds of customers we want.

Stambush staffing supports people (Talent and Customers) by following the law.  And, we back up what we say in writing, and we don't expect anyone to trust us.  Everything we say can be verified by the proper authority.  

Each person is paid the same as their counterpart depending on their, profession, specialty, Facility they are working etc.  If not, we say so, and we say why.  Why do we do it this way?  We want no corrupt motivation to book someone.  Granted, some agencies pay their talent differently depending on what they can get away with so they can increase their profit.  But, we care more about fairness than we do about profit.  Oh don't get us wrong.  We like profit too (Sushi isn't cheap).  But fairness is more important.  Even more important than sushi and profit. 

Requirements In No Particular Order:  

·  Valid Texas Speech Language Pathologist license
·  Minimum 1 year in Speech Therapy direct patient care 
·  Good personality
·  Honest
·  Reliable
·  Smart 
·  Competent
·  Ethical

Things We Don't Care About:

*  Race
*  Looks
*  Color
*  Religion (Unless practicing your religion includes being being bad at your job, taking recreational drugs, going to work drunk, cussing at patients, stealing, walking around in your underwear, etc)
*  Disability (as long as a reasonable accommodation can be made)
*  Age (We love old and young)
*  Size
*  Shy
*  Outgoing
*  Country of Origin
*  Gay or Straight
*  Anything that is illegal for an employer to care about