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Permanent Placement

Stambush Staffing helps people of all levels of experience find permanent jobs - yes, even new graduates.  As an added bonus of working with a trustworthy agency, you can rest assured that Facilities will find that Stambush Staffing has some of the lowest, if not the lowest, flat rate fees for Permanent Placement.  This will make it easier for the Facility to not only hire you, but also pay you more.  How can we do that?  We don't hire recruiters to go out and beat the bushes.  People come to us, and Facilities come to us, and we put them together.  No need for high fees.    


Just like the life of any job, the life of a travel health care professional can be great or it can be terrible.  So choose your agency carefully, and don't be afraid to ask questions.  

Here is a little bit about how our Travel Department Works:

*  Assignments are typically for 13 weeks and you agree in writing to stay 13 weeks.  

*  You arrange your own housing etc, but feel free to ask us for help.  Don't sign any Agreement without letting us look at it first.  We don't want you getting stuck.

*  You will receive a high hourly wage, and depending on the assignment, you may get mileage and tolls.

*  Keep track of all your travel and housing expenses because when tax time comes, we suggest you hire a competent accountant to help you write off your travel related expenses.  

*  You will not get housing and or "travel" expenses paid to you in relation to your hours worked.  Some companies do that to save money, but we don't think saving money now is worth putting you at risk.  For instance:

                 *If you get hurt on the job, your Worker's Comp is based on your hourly rate, and if you have a low hourly rate your workers comp checks will be low.  

              * If you become disabled (God Forbid), your disability is based on your hourly rate.  If you have a low hourly rate, your disability payments would reflect                   your low hourly rate.  

In other words, Stambush won't sacrifice your future so we can make more money.   


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