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Giving Staffing a Good Name

October 17th, 2011

What They Said About Our Test
Recently, I had an interview with a therapy professional who told me an interesting story about our competency test. I didn’t record the conversation, but to the best of my recollection, it went like this.

Applicant: I was working at a Facility through -redacted agency-. I had not heard about Stambush before, but one of the therapists there was talking about Stambush. She said she was planning on interviewing with you all until she heard that Stambush had a test. There were several therapists there and we all said, "a test??" Then the lady said, "yes, I am not going there now because they have a test." All the other therapists present and I agreed that we did not want to take a test either.

Scott: So why are you interviewing now? Why don’t you go back to -redacted agency-?

Applicant: Well, -redcated agency- has problems. I would not want to go back there. Also, I have met so many of your staff, and they are all so good and have such good things to say about you.

Scott: You have been out of work several weeks. What took you so long to call me?

Applicant: The test had me worried. I have been putting off calling you for two weeks because I was worried about that test.

Scott: Well, you just took the test, and you scored very high. How do you feel about that?

Applicant: I’m kinda upset with myself. I fretted over that test only to learn that it was a reasonable test with good questions, and any therapist should know the answers.

Of course, this therapy professional is now joining us. And, thanks to our (everyone of us) combined efforts, we have another great player on our team of great players. Additionally, we have another person who understands and agrees with the method to our madness and how important it is to be a responsible staffing agency. Additionally, this person is also against inexperienced new graduates going into temporary staffing right away.

It Makes No Sense, but It Makes a Lot of Dollars

As you all know, at Stambush we want our company to be a force for good. And we think one of the things that makes us a force for good is the fact that we do not hire inexperienced new graduates and never have. We think this is not only greedy on the part of staffing agencies, but also harmful to the profession because it increases the chances of a therapist getting a shallow clinical foundation. This increases the likelihood of malpractice, poor customer service to the Facility and overall danger to the profession. Additionally, almost every director and experienced therapist agrees with our rationale. So why do other agencies do it if it makes no sense? Money! That is all I can think of. It makes absolutely no sense, but it does make a lot of dollars.

As a side note, during my 22 years in this business I have heard two other staffing agencies publicly claim they did not hire new grads, and both times I found very strong evidence to the contrary. One agency put the evidence on their website. In other words, I think other agencies publicly lie about this from time to time to try to sound responsible (like Stambush?). Maybe they mean well, but they always seem to bow to the pressure of making money versus the pressure of doing the right thing for PT, OT, AND SLP.

Finally, thank you for being you. It is people like you who, throughout history, have made the world a better place.

The Straight Shooter