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Giving Staffing a Good Name

October 21st, 2011

Your Group Health Insurance Rates Going Down, but Not My Portion!
Your Stambush Staffing group health insurance rates are going down. Yes I said down. I cannot believe it myself, but I have it in writing. How much? Almost 6.5%. But I will not be taking part in the reduced prices. Instead, I will be giving you all my share of the decrease which means that your portion will go down a whopping 17%. Is there a catch? Well I try to look at the big picture, and I am well aware that BCBS has been cutting their rates to providers. Sometimes, they do this so much so that some providers are dropping out of the network. In other words, that is a poop sandwich that has to be eaten by you, the insured. Combine that with my personality of wanting to protect you all as much as I can, and you get me not benefiting from this decrease so that you all can have an even bigger decrease--probably about 17% off your individual portions. Also, the family and spouse rates have gone down too. Grace will be sending out an email to each of you who are in the Plan so that you have specific numbers.

Or We Can Shop Around

We could shop around with other health insurance companies, but when we did that last year the closest in price was $100 over our increased price. And, I have heard nothing and seen nothing to make me think anyone can compete with BCBS. Our Broker told Grace she thinks that BCBS will be one of the last insurance companies standing when this health care reform is over. It seemed to me and Grace that nobody wanted to compete with BCBS. However, I do want to hear everybody’s opinion on whether or not we should shop around. I remember what a pain it was for you all to fill out those applications with the other companies. They were very time consuming for you to do, and they were very time consuming for us to gather because a good number of you didn’t want to do it.

Open Enrollment for Group Health Insurance

For anyone wanting to get into the Stambush Staffing group health insurance plan, December is our open enrollment period. That means you can have group health insurance on January 1, 2012. This means: contact Grace immediately and get the ball rolling. These deadlines are not something we can mess with, and it is much better to complete all paperwork now.

Friendship Quotes

I realize I have been light on the quotes lately. I will try to make up for that here:
"Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty."
"The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend."
― Abraham Lincoln
"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things."

 "A road to a friend's house is never long."

The Straight Shooter