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On September 27, 2017, the Agreement between Stambush Staffing and Memorial Hermann Ended  
As of September 27, 2017, our written Agreement with Memorial Hermann ended. There is no drama involved.  I just could not agree to the amended Contract.  So, Stambush Staffing and Memorial Hermann have parted ways...for now. 

Thank You Memorial Herman

I would like to thank Memorial Hermann for all the business it gave us over these past 27(?) years.  Memorial Hermann was a huge customer with awesome people for a very long time, and I am very grateful for the relationship.   

Thinking about owning a Tesla? I can get you a deal

(Full disclosure, I own Tesla stock)

Because I am a Tesla owner, the first five people who use my referral code (  and buy a new Model S or Model X can get the following benefits (according to an email Tesla sent me).

So here is the deal:

  • Unlimited supercharging with a new Model S or Model X  (Best part of the deal IMHO).
  • Orders placed before October 31, 2017 will also include a $1,000 purchase credit, after which it will expire.
  • 5 year extended limited warranty with the purchase of a Tesla solar system (I don't know what that is).

What do I (Scott) get?

I'm not too clear on what I get, but I know it’s not money, and I wish it was.  Also, I don't know how many referrals I have to get credit for before I get anything.  But I don't really care.  Sure I'll take a reward (wish it was cash or Tesla stock), but I am very happy with my Tesla, and I figured in case anyone is thinking about it, I should try to help.

Remember, this code can be used by anyone, so if you are interested, jump on it right away before people start passing it around to their friends. 

If you want to know more, I have interviewed myself below.  As you can see, I am no great interviewer or interviewee.  But I hope it helps inform you of my thought process.

Why did I buy a Tesla?

Both my gas cars broke down, and I was looking for a used car.  I went to Sewell Audi in Sugar Land, and they had one Tesla.  I test drove it, and I was amazed. 

What is it like to drive?

It feels like I think driving a spaceship would feel.  Other times, it feels like I'm driving a roller coaster.

How far can you drive on a full charge?

About 250 Miles.  More than enough for town driving.  I drove it to Dallas a couple months ago, and I had no trouble at all.  The Tesla Supercharging Stations are well placed.

Are you a tree hugging goofball trying to save the world from pollution and the destruction of the world?

Well, I can be a goofball at times.  And I do believe too much carbon dioxide going into our atmosphere is hurting our earth.  But the main reason I got a Tesla is because I consider it to be a long term investment.  

How do you save money?

  • I don't buy gas.
  • I get free electricity at all Tesla Supercharging Stations. Long driving is practically free.
  • Charging the Tesla at home is cheap and quick. I just put it on the charger at night.
  • In general, Tesla's are very low maintenance.  With a lot less moving parts, Tesla's just don't have as much chance for something to go wrong like a gas engine.
  • I used to spend a lot of money and time on a mechanic...not any more.
  • Oh yeah, no fluids except for windshield wiper fluid.

In sum, even with the negatives below, I think in ten years my Tesla will pay for itself.  Maybe sooner.  

What are the negatives of your Tesla?

  • I sit too low.  I miss sitting up in the air in my Expedition.
  • My insurance is higher because the insurance company says it is a "performance vehicle".
  • When I first got it, I liked to press the accelerator for half a second when no other cars/people were around.  It is such a thrill to feel the torque shoot you forward.  But, that's not good for tires or safety, so I stopped.   

That's it?  No futuristic BS?

Well I think the future is bright for Tesla owners, and I don't think its BS. 

For instance, Tesla also makes solar panels that also serve as roof shingles.  So the plan is for homeowners to catch the sun's energy with their roof, store it in a PowerWall (made by Tesla), and run their houses and charge their Teslas (or other electric vehicles) as well.  In other words, we'll be living off the grid, or at least depending on it a lot less. 

Aren't you just being selfish with your money?  Don't you know that wide scale adoption of Tesla and all of its fancy ideas will cost jobs?

No, I think it will be a net gain.  Yes, we'll lose some jobs, but gain more jobs. And with more and more car makers (like Volvo) going electric, it is only a matter of time before we either benefit from the Green Energy change, or become the victims of Green Energy change.  Not much of a choice to me.  And as much as I like the Chinese people, I don't want them, or anyone else, to beat us in the Green Energy Revolution. 

What else?

Tesla plans on including lifetime insurance and maintenance into the price of the car someday.  Also, Tesla is pretty close to having self-driving cars which will reduce insurance premiums, accidents, save lives, pain, misery, lost wages, grief etc.  Although, I really can't see myself letting some machine drive me around, I think Artificial Intelligence (AI) definitely has the potential to change my mind. 

Are you biased in favor of Tesla?

Yes.  I first bought Tesla's stock for $40 per share, then sold it for $90 like a dummy.  Then bought it at $165, and I've bought more since then at higher prices or bought Leap Calls as well as sold Puts as well as the stock.  So, yes, I have a financial motivation to want to see Tesla's stock rise.  In fact, I bought a weekly option today. That's how much I believe in Tesla.  



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