The Straight Shooter

​​Stambush on its Way to Disabled Veteran Owned

Our very own Scott Stambush, CEO has recently received notice from the VA that he is considered a disabled Veteran.  How did this happen?  There is a short and long story below:

Short Story
Scott applied for disability and recently received notice that as of July 8, 2019, he is considered a disabled vet.

Long Story
Scott served in the USMC from 1976-1980.  Much of that time he was a rifleman and his body suffered.  However, through sheer force of will (and good shoe/boot inserts) Scott served his full four years and received an honorable discharge.  Upon discharge, Scott was told to follow up with his local VA when he returned home.  Upon returning home, the VA Dr. told Scott to apply for a disability.  Scott did what the Dr. told him, and when he went for his disability evaluation, that same Dr. did the evaluation.  Strangely, the Dr. denied Scott's disability claim.  Sometime after that, the Dr. committed suicide.  Scott felt bad for the Dr. and forgot about his disability claim.

Many years and a couple of surgeries later, Scott reapplied for disability sometime around early 2019.  This time it was granted.  According to Scott, he was told by the most recent VA Medical Examiner that his records were full of evidence showing he had service-connected injuries.  On one hand, Scott was disappointed in the first Dr. who denied his service-connected disability, but on the other hand, it is very hard to be mad at the Dr. who committed suicide.  

Finally, Stambush can now move forward as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.  We may be able to finally have a fair shot at competing with large staffing agencies for government contracts.  ​

Travel Therapy and Nursing and More

Would you like to travel? Do you know any travel therapists, nurses, or other medical professionals?

If so, we would like to talk to you.  Since we may become a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we are thinking that Federal Government Contracts will be more open to us. So, please call Fred with your interest, questions, and any knowledge you have about travel. The more we all know, the better off we will all be. 

401K Plan Ending
It's been a very nice and profitable run, but our 401K Plan is ending soon. We don't have an exact date...sorry.  As a small company, it is very hard to have a 401K Plan, and the majority of people do not seem interested.  Also, recently our insurance company that issues our bond informed us they will not be renewing our policy.  Maybe once we start getting all those government contracts, a 401K Plan will be back in style.

This Holiday Season

At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings. The freedom of this great country in which we live. It's opportunity for achievement. The friendship and confidence you have shown in us. For all of these things we are deeply thankful. May you and your families enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving, a joyous holiday season and healthful, Happy New Year.

November 27, 2019   

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