Recent Harassment Incident Prompts Specific Strategies and Change In Policy
Before you read the following, please know that you are one of us.  And as one of us, your safety and well-being are extremely important…And that is for real.

Recent Situation:
Patient overly compliments and asks our Talent on a date.  Our Talent rebuffs him/her and lays out good reasoning including, but not limited to, ethics and rules.  Still, patient persists.  Patient is discharged but still calls asking to talk to Talent under guise of “home exercise program” questions.  Then when on the phone, he/she starts asking for a date.  So, this person can’t take no for an answer.  What makes things worse is this person said he/she was a police officer (we later found out this was untrue).  So what happened?

● Immediately, Fred and I went over our options.  I also called a Police Officer friend of mine for guidance.  Then, we called the customer.
● After consulting with the customer, we learned this person was not a police officer (that helped), and then we decided the customer would call the patient/harasser and tell him/her to stop right now or the police would get involved.  Customer followed through, and also gave us the harasser’s name and phone number (it was not a violation of HIPPA because of the wording in our Agreement, but that is not the case for every customer). 
● With several days left to go on our Talent’s assignment and no replacement available, I physically and happily went to the clinic and escorted our Talent to the car and followed all the way home after work to make sure our Talent was safely insider his/her house.  There was one day I couldn’t make it so I sent our very own “Baby” Luke Stambush.  Luke is not a very big guy, but after over a decade of jujitsu, wrestling, boxing, and other Martial Arts training with much larger adults, I figured he was probably better than me anyway.  On the last day of our Talent’s assignment, I could not make it to escort him/her because our very own Susan Stambush, PT went to the emergency room for a terrible headache and tight chest.  All tests came back normal, but we didn’t get home until about 1 am.  Anyway, I felt awful I could not make it on the last day.  However, I did call our Talent ahead of time to explain what was happening.  He/she was very cool and said, “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”
● The harasser never showed, we never found anyone matching his/her description in the parking lot, and he/she has not tried to contact our Talent since. 
● Happy Ending.  But we need to share this story, adjust our policy, and offer guidance to every one of you.  Thank you for reading this.

How To Handle Unwanted Advances?

This “Recent Incident” has helped us remember that harassment exists.  It comes in many forms, but sexual harassment is still the most common.  So, here is how we want you all to handle these, and similar, situations.  By the way, our Talent did a great job.  And we are very grateful we have such smart people like you all as one of us.

● Tell the person you are not interested in them.
● If they persist, tell them that not only are you not interested, but your company policy “requires” you to report their behavior.  And, that their persistence is making you uncomfortable.  And that your CEO is a lawyer who gets very upset when “his” people are made to feel uncomfortable.
● Immediately report the behavior to me or Fred.  If you feel you can talk to the customer, tell him/her also.  Although we will keep this as confidential as practicable, we will most likely report this to the customer as well as Grace and Tricia.  Or, feel free to send a mass email to all of us including the customer.  If the situation warrants it, don’t be afraid to call the police.  Also, Extension 6 goes to Luke’s phone.  So don’t be surprised if a skinny, blondish/orangish haired, half Asian kid in a Sonic uniform comes to help you.
● We will involve the customer and work out a plan to help you.  If practicable, and if warranted, we will come out and escort you to your car and follow you home to try to make sure you are safe.

Our Company Policy Has Changed

As a result of this “Recent Incident”, we have changed the wording in our Policy and Procedure from “urged” to report harassment to “required”  to report harassment.  Additionally, we are more than happy to take your feedback and suggestions on how we can make our company better.  Additionally, we have changed our insurance payback policy to give you all a week off without paying our portion for your time of bereavement.  Like I said, you are one of us.

​New Wording on Harassment and Insurance Repayment for Bereavement Leave


Any employee who believes that he or she has been the victim of sexual harassment (or any other type) or has any knowledge of such behavior, is required to report such conduct IMMEDIATELY to Fred Salazar or Scott Stambush. Stambush Staffing will not tolerate retaliation against the complainant for making a complaint of harassment. The Company will IMMEDIATELY investigate and take remedial action to remedy any instances of sexual harassment. This remedial action can include disciplinary action up to termination.

Insurance repayment for Bereavement Leave:

The death of a loved one can be traumatic and while there is nothing Stambush can do to make anyone feel better, Stambush can make it a little easier to take some time off.  Therefore, in the case of time off due to a death in the family,
the EE will only pay the EE portion of the daily insurance rate for up to one (1) week (based on a 5 day work week). The following rules apply:

● family consists of immediate family only: spouse, child(ren), siblings, parents
● only applies to those EE's enrolled in health insurance through Stambush Staffing 
● can be used the week of or the week after death of family member(s)
● not to be used as vacation at a later time or time off at a later time
● for Stambush to pay the ER portion during this time, EE must notify Stambush about the family member’s(s’) death immediately, as well as give Stambush the details to the funeral arrangements.

Most Forgotten Portions of our Policy and Procedure (P&P):
While we are on the subject of our P&P, here are two of the most forgotten portions of our P&P:

● 30 days’ notice is required for terminating employment or taking time off.  Reasoning, to get the most work and be the most reliable agency, we must be able to book our Talent for the next 30 days (minus previously scheduled days off) without calling and checking with our Talent first.  This freedom helps us book fast, but also makes our customers amazed that we can book so fast and yet remain so accurate.  Of course, we will only book you within the parameters you give us.  So in very real way, we are doing what you tell us.  Weird huh?  Please remember, we are not trying to be “bossy pants” or dictatorial.  We just want to be efficient, accurate, and fast.  Also, please remember we have no “vacation request” form so anytime you give 30 days’ notice, you will have off…unless of course you signed a special Contract agreeing to be at a facility a certain amount of time.  But those are rare since we don’t like tying our Talent down, and most customers love you all so much they will keep you as long as they need you.
● If you are on the insurance, and Stambush cannot book you, Stambush will still pay our portion of the insurances you are on.  But, if we cannot book you because you are not “bookable”, then you will pay what we would have paid had you worked.  So what is “bookable”?   

      To be “bookable”, a person must:

                a. be willing to drive a maximum of 60 minutes one way. 

                b. have all credentials, including but not limited to online tests, paperwork, orientation up to date for Stambush                       and all our customers.
                c. not have any facility unwilling to use him or her.
                d. be willing and able to work in any setting and facility.
                e. give us at least 48 hours’ notice that he/she wants work.
                f. Not have turned down work if their turning down work directly or indirectly is causing them to be “not   


Despite all the above, it is our sincere hope to have you work super close to home, in your favorite setting, with your favorite patients, and with your favorite staff.  And, we want you to love us all the time and tell everybody what a great team/family/employer Stambush is.  That is how we will grow in size, money, influence, clout, and supremacy; which in turn helps us create an even better work environment.

In sum, everyone has a lot of freedom at Stambush.  But, with freedom comes responsibility.  So, please remember our P&P if there is ever a time you want to take time off, or want to refuse an assignment. In other words, think of Stambush with an ownership mentality.  After all, you are one of us.​


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