Giving Staffing a Good Name

Past, Present, and Future Business?

This year was better than last year, and I expect the trend to continue with work growing more plentiful for PT, OT, and Speech Therapy professionals.  After all, the older we get here in America, the more people there will be to take care of. Additionally, we continue to hear from customers that Stambush is the best.  In fact, I just negotiated two new Contracts this week and last.  One came to us when a former Stambush therapist became the Director, and another customer came to us when a former competitor (non-therapist) got a promotion and he/she pushed for Stambush to be brought on board.  No, I was not friends with this person, and I think I only met them once or twice.  But I am just a small piece of Stambush.  In truth, what brings people to Stambush is the reputation we have all worked together to build.  That is and always will be our power. 

What Is The Same?

Some things just don’t change.  For instance, since we began in 1989, the best way to ensure that we have work is to be ready, willing and able to go anywhere we are needed and to accept all the work we get.  That is how we eliminate the competition, and that is how we get the most work.  Once we get the most work, we can work on getting everybody as close to what they want as possible.  Of course, once we get the work, we need to be helpful, kind, competent, professional, and avoid the office politics so that we are invited back.   Easier said than done, I know. But when things get difficult, that is the time to call Fred and let him handle it.  Fred knows most of these Directors very well, and he is probably in a better position to communicate your concerns than you are since he won’t have any emotion.  Additionally, that’s Fred’s job, and he has been doing it since December of 1994.

Following Up On Nursing and Home Health

Specialty Nursing Only
In the September Straight Shooter I wrote about whether or not we should add nursing to our services.  I didn’t get much feedback, but the feedback I did get was 50/50.  The only concern I heard was (and I acknowledged it in the September Straight Shooter) that it might take our attention away from our current professionals and cause a loss of work.  Like I said earlier, our system is very fine tuned, and I don’t see that as a problem.  Moreover, after further research we have decided we only want to provide Specialty Nursing (NICU, PICU, Labor & Delivery, etc).  Therefore, we will not be working with CNAs or Med/Surg RNs.  
Why only Specialty RNs?  Our customers have a lot of spots to fill so we won’t be looking for work.  If we can fill those spots, we will be in an even better position to get more work for everyone else.  It just makes us more valuable.  Also, those RN assignments are for 13 weeks so for each Specialty RN who joins us, we’ll only have to book them once every 13 weeks.  
Continuing with the above, it is true that finding Specialty RNs will take some of my time, but I won’t be cold calling and I won’t be hiring new graduates.  I’ll just be interviewing people, usually after working hours.  
On the flip side, adding Specialty RNs to our services will make us stronger, get our name out even more, and add to our synergy. All of those things are good for all of us.  
Home Health Update
We are not doing Home Health, and we have no plans to do Home Health.  God bless all the ethical home health professionals and agencies, but that world seems to be full of fraudulent actors, and we want no part of it.  Of course, as a lawyer, I must admit it would be tempting to go after a Home Health Agency that was filing false claims.

Surprising Information I’ve Received In 2015

Health:  Regarding my health, I am most fascinated with a physical therapy approach called Total Motion Release.  As many of you know, I have written about my knee mal tracking problem for many years.  I’ve had two surgeries as well as extensive physical therapy.  But after I was discharged from PT and I thought I was all well, my knee started hurting in my first Yoga class, and it did not get better.  Almost immediately afterwards, I received an email from a physical therapist in North Carolina named Tom Dalonzo-Baker. Tom was selling his Total Motion Release approach to getting well, and the email said it would show how to fix a knee in a young and old patient with the same exercises.  Intrigued, I checked out the video, and I thought it looked fake.  But since the videos on YouTube were free, I gave it a shot.  And lo and behold, I got relief immediately.  Consequently, I personally spoke with Tom and ended up buying his TMR 1.  Since then, I feel it has helped me even more.  If any of you are interested in learning this for yourselves, your family, or your patients, feel free to call me anytime or visit Tom’s website  If you talk to Tom, please tell him I said hello. 
Full Disclosure:  I make no money off of this even though I wish I could.  I am telling you all because I feel it helped me, and I thought you should know that even though it looks fake on YouTube, I felt real results.  Regardless of your profession, I think you will be better off with this knowledge.  Of course, I reserve the right to be wrong.  
Money:  After doing some research with the help of our Fiduciary Paul Jackson regarding health care staffing agencies and their 401K Plans, I was shocked to learn that we may be the only company that cuts out the brokers, cuts out the insurance companies, uses a Fiduciary, and seeks to lower our expenses for the good of everyone in the Stambush 401K Plan.   Some people may not think this is a big deal, but it is.  Helping you all retire as well off as possible is one of my major goals.  Of course, I can’t be sure unless I get into the agencies’ Plan documents, but initial research does not look good for them.
What’s The Difference Between a Broker/Dealer and a Fiduciary?
A Fiduciary has a duty to be loyal to his/her clients.  The Fiduciary cannot make any extra money (kickbacks, vacations, etc.) without advising the client.  However, the broker/dealer has no duty to be loyal.  Does this sound crazy to you?  Me too.  It even sounds criminal to me, but it isn’t.  Still doesn’t make it right though.  

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December 31st, 2015

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