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February 23rd, 2017

The Straight Shooter

Giving Staffing a Good Name

Tricia Albracht's last day with Stambush is February 24, 2017
Because of the market conditions for the last several years, we have no choice but to let our long time faithful employee, friend, and non-biological family member (Tricia Albracht) go. Tricia joined Stambush on or about October 20, 1997, and since the very beginning she has brought competence, loyalty, dedication, critical thinking, a great work ethic, a great attitude, and an ownership mentality to her job.  I would like to publicly and personally thank Tricia (I like to call her Miss Trish) for all she has done to ensure Stambush carried out it's mission of being the most reliable, ethical, honest, competent, easy to get along with Agency - bar none.  Below are some quotes from Grace, Luke, and Fred.

Grace Codina - I have worked with Tricia for a little over 10 years and will always remember the open arms-- literally and figuratively, that she received me with on my first day with the company. She was my go-to person when I couldn't remember dates or numbers or when I just plain had a bad day and I know that she was the same for many of our therapists.  

I always looked forward to coming down to Houston for my business trips because I knew that I would be able to have some good quality "girl time" with Tricia. My favorite memory was a time I was down in Houston for a week. One night Tricia hung out with me in the room-- we ordered take out and watched the Devil Wears Prada on cable. It was one of the best times! I will always cherish the friendship we have grown to have!

Luke Stambush - I was about two years old when Tricia joined Stambush, so I don't remember first meeting her.  But, I have many fond memories of her in the office, and how I (4 or 5 years old) used to jump on her son's (Jordan) back like he was a horse and say "come on old Jordan" like he was my horse (I think he was a sixth grader at the time).  When I started helping in the office, Tricia was always happy to help teach me things, and I always felt comfortable asking Tricia for help.  When my dad told me he and Fred were going to meet with Miss Trish and give her one month's notice, I just couldn't be there because it made me too sad...even though I knew they were meeting at a Sushi Restaurant.

Fred Salazar - I've worked with Tricia for almost 20 years, and I am very sad we had to let her go. She's always been such a pleasure to work with and even now when I call her after hours, she still has a great attitude and is always willing to help. She always planned all her vacations so she could do payroll on time.  I've always thought Tricia was awesome, and I have been hearing our customers and talent tell me the same thing.  

Final Note:  Thank you for everything Tricia. You have been a blessing to Stambush for many years, and we all hope and pray that things go great for you. 

Business Conditions?

Why has business been shrinking for several years?  I don't know everything, but from where I sit, here are a few things (not all) that may be contributing.

  • Facilities have raised their pay in order to compete with Stambush.  
  • Some Facilities have policies that say former employees are not allowed back as a contract worker for one year after resigning from the facility.
  • Sometimes the census has been so low that even our customers have sent their full time people home.
  • Small doctor's offices are getting bought out and closing down their PT departments.
  • Stambush refuses to hire new graduates and put them into travel assignments.  I would rather not have a company than have one I didn't respect.
  • Some Facilities' employees don't do their jobs after we do our credentialing.  This leads to some Directors not getting the staff they need even though we have the staff they need - Frustrating!!!
  • Texas rejected the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion, which would have provided coverage to over a million Texans who were not insured...and this would have brought in a lot of patient care and money to our local health care providers.
  • Some customers pay extremely slow.
  • Some customers file bankruptcy and don't pay at all.  
  • I have not been creative enough, or smart enough to come up with a solution...yet 😎