March 28th, 2016

The Straight Shooter

Scott’s Blogs:  “I Was Scammed!!!” & “Who Is Guiding Your 401K?”
In addition to the Straight Shooter, I am now blogging for the TPTA South Eastern District and the OPTA Gulf Coast Region.  The titles of the two blogs I’ve written so far are called “Who is Guiding your 401K?” and “I was Scammed!!!”.  You can see them both at this link:

These are fairly short blogs so please read them. 

​​​​​Nursing Update - Introducing Patricia (Patti) Beale, RN 

Our nursing Plans have been slowed by our desire to do it right, and we are about ready to take off.  For example, we recently hired Patricia Beale, RN to help interview RNs.  Patti, will work on an as needed basis, and hopefully help grow and maintain our Nurse Staffing side.  So, don't worry about Nursing taking too much of our time.  We have Patti to help us.  Also, we won't limit ourselves to specialty nurses only.  There is just too much work available for RNs with hospital experience.

Important 401K Info

Going online and opening your 401K does not necessarily mean money is going toward your retirement.  This is because our Third Party Administrator, PCS, may not know how much money you want to defer.  I recently discovered this was going on with at least two of you awesome people, so I'm thinking there could be more of you.  But never fear, this is an easy fix.  

*  Call PCS at 888-621-5491 any time of day or night, and they will walk you through how to communicate everything properly.

*  Also, please know that if you do not pick a fund, your money will automatically default into the Vanguard Index Fund that most closely suits your expected retirement date.    And, the farther away your expected retirement, the more aggressive the Fund.  So, think carefully!

In addition to the above, please remember that not all the funds we have to choose from are the low cost Vanguard Funds.  Our Registered Investment Adviser, Paul Jackson, also put some Mutual Funds that carry higher fees.  Paul told me he wanted to put them there because he thinks they are good performers....even with the higher fees.  So, know what you are getting into, and I wish you much success!!!

You are also welcome to call and/or email Tricia regarding your 401K, but PCS are the people who can help you verify and change things as well as walk you through it.  

Our Third Party Administrator is PCS.  On Their Website, They Sound A Lot Like Us

 "Our Story"

"Acting in the best interests of your employees or plan participants ought to be an easy standard to meet---after all it's the right thing to do.  Yet, 15 years ago when we founded PCS, 401 (k) and other defined contribution plans were often restricted to one or just a few investment providers, fees were unclear (and often were purposefully disguised) and most platforms contained incentives to reward brokers for product sales rather than participant success."

Speech Therapy Demand Way Up!
All three professions get their turn at being in high demand, and this time it is Speech Therapy.  In fact, for the past several months we have had 4-5 full time Speech Therapy Positions we could not fill.  Just saying. 

Tell Fred
So that we can make things better for you and the customer, please make sure Fred knows when you are encountering difficulty on the job.  I know it is sometimes hard to think things can’t be fixed at a Facility, but having been on the fixing side since 1989, I assure you that we can help a lot…if we know there is a problem, and what the problem is. For example, an email saying, “get me out of here” (yes we have had quite a few of those in the last (almost) 27 years), lets us know there is a problem, but doesn’t help us verify what the problem is and if, or how, it can be fixed.  Granted, some problems cannot be fixed, but we still need to know that for ourselves.

Rehab Care Whistle-Blower False Claims Act Case ends with $125,000,000 Fine?
I don’t know all the particulars about this case, but one of you awesome people told me about it quite some time ago, and I want to pass this information along.  So, here is a link to one article  - click here, but there are more out there.

It looks like this area of the law is going to get hot, and I will be boning up on it.


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