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Giving Staffing a Good Name

The Straight Shooter

Learning Plus Actions = Money or a Loss of Money...Sometimes
We all need money to live and help ourselves, family and friends.  Good times come and go and being flexible is usually helpful.  Of course, we have to make the right moves, and there is no way to know what the right moves are until after the fact.  So, I'm sending you all this Straight Shooter to let you know what I am doing to try to ride the tide in these troubling times.  Well, they've been troubling times for Stambush Staffing for sure.  Anyway, I may be doing everything wrong, but I may not be doing things very wrong.  Only time will tell.  

All this being said, below are some of the things I've been doing.

Stock Market Trading- I still buy and hold stocks but nowadays I mostly buy and sell options on stocks.  If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to talk to you in more depth.  The option world, like most things, is super vast, and I still have a lot more learning to do (even though I've been doing this over 7 years).  

I've Been Getting into Cryptocurrency. Anyone Else?

If anyone is knowledgeable about a crypto and happy to teach, I'd be happy to learn,.  And, if anyone thinks they know less than me, I'd be happy to share what I think I know.  But for now, here is what I've been doing.

Started buying cryptocurrency via PayPal and Etoro late last year, and I've continued to buy ever since.  My big regret is that I didn't buy more much sooner.  PayPal even had zero transaction fees last year, and I still moved too slow.

PayPal was the easiest since I already had an account.  However, PayPal only offers:

Bitcoin Cash
Lite Coin

Etoro was more difficult to set up, but once I did, it was very easy to navigate.  Here are the coins Etoro offers. For all I know, everything could end up being worthless, but I'm just trying to ride the tide.

Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic


Etoro pays a referral fee to both the new customer and the customer that referred.  Fred and I are both customers of Etoro, and either one of us would be happy to send you our referral code.  Last I heard, once you sign up you have to trade at least $100 worth of crypto within 10 days of setting up the account.  Also, Etoro will only pay 10 referral fees maximum per client. I think I've only referred two people, and I think Fred has referred more.

My Problems with Crypto
I signed up with Coinbase but they won't let me deposit funds.  I've told customer service about this and that was in Dec but they still haven't fixed the issue.

I signed up with other exchanges but they are too complicated for me.  Some only take bitcoin and not cash so I'll have to learn how to send my Bitcoin from Etoro (PayPal won't let you send Bitcoin).  And if I make a mistake, my Bitcoin will be gone forever and there is no customer service representative to call.  Consequently, I'm not being very adventurous.

Another Way to Get Crypto Exposure 
Before I started using PayPal and Etoro for my Crypto exposure, I bought (and I'm still holding some) the symbols below in my regular Schwab brokerage account as well as my Schwab IRA and Roth.  Here are some of the symbols I've traded.  Please do your own research, and know that I am not recommending anything.  



April 16, 2021