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April 27th, 2012 

Letha Brobst Passed Away - Breayn Abramson's Grandmother
Our sister and PT extraordinaire, Breayn Abramson, lost her grandmother Letha Brobst this month (4/9/2012). Letha passed away just two weeks shy of her 86th birthday (4/22), and she had been sick about six months before because of complications from diverticulitis and several procedures/surgeries. Fortunately, Breayn was able to visit her grandmother a few months ago. As Breayn told me,
My grandmother was a social butterfly and never met a stranger. She was friendly to everyone and would talk to people anywhere she went. She loved to read and paint ceramics, which she was very talented with. I was always close with my grandmother. When it would start snowing she would book a plane ticket and head south to stay with my family for two to three months every year. She would run my sister and I around town, bringing us to sports practices, shopping, etc. I was always impressed and grateful that she would drop everything going on in her busy life, such as church activities, ceramics sessions, and 'club' (her group of friends that played cards and had lunch together a few times a month) and come spend so much time with us. I feel very blessed to have had such a loving role model in my life for so long.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family, Breayn. While we are very sorry for your loss, we are glad that you were so blessed and grateful to have had your grandmother in your life. Gratitude is a wonderful feeling even though it hurts sometimes.
Life-Changing Wealth?
My big wish for everybody at Stambush is to create as many happy and rich people as possible. True, we do have an employee lottery pool that could turn us all in to overnight millionaires, but I realize that is not very likely. What is likely is for many, if not all, of us to attain is life-changing wealth through the Stambush Staffing 401K Plan. Here, we get extra money from Stambush, and all that money is tax deferred, which helps a great deal. However, the things most of us have going for us are a lot of time before we retire and the freedom to buy our own stocks through the Self Directed Business portion of our 401k . That's right: we have the option to directly invest our money into specific stocks and not a mutual fund (if we want). Of course, this requires us to become more informed about picking stocks. How do we do that? I suppose there are many newsletters that help people (for a fee) pick stocks, but the advice I get is from the Motley Fool. If you are interested about getting investment advice, you can go to and read away. I myself subscribe to the Fool’s three different newsletters: Stock Advisors, Rule Breakers, and Supernova. There are other, more conservative newsletters offered by the Fool also, but these are what I chose.
Call me if any of you want to pick my brain about this stuff, and I will be happy to talk to you. However, I WILL NOT give financial advice. Stocks go up and down, and I do not want to be responsible for advising anyone on a stock that goes down. Be careful no matter what you do; even the best investors make mistakes and lose big on some investments.
Finally, remember that the younger you are the more time you have to recuperate any losses. I am 53, and I still think I have about 20 years of working and having the stock market work for me so that I have safe and worry-free golden years. For sure, I am not going to rely on wishful thinking and the Mega Million Lottery Pool – although, I really won’t be surprised if we win. I just hope it doesn’t hurt anybody.

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