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Giving Staffing a Good Name

April 30th, 2012 

Stambush Staffing Sponsors CEU This Past Saturday
This past Saturday (May 28), Stambush Staffing sponsored a CEU put on by HCC. Sponsorship is the only way for HCC to give scholarships to deserving PTA students. Guess what? No other staffing agency was there. You would think that all of the agencies who hire inexperienced new graduates would be lining up to help students get scholarships, but they weren’t there. Of course, those in attendance were mostly licensed people, so maybe the agencies who hire inexperienced new graduates figured sponsorship would be a waste of their time. Then again, we have to remember that Stambush is the only home-grown, local staffing company; thus, unlike the other staffing agencies, we do not have a corporate overlord in another state telling us what we can and cannot do in our own hometown.
From No Applause to Big Applause
Since HCC could only get one other sponsor besides us, Stambush paid for two sponsorships. So, I got to talk twice. I know you are thinking, “oh those poor people had to listen to Scott talk in the morning AND in the afternoon." I am kinda thinking the same thing. While no one applauded either speaker in the morning, I got a very big applause after my lunch speech. What did I say?' Well, first a little background: The course that day was about concussions and brain injury, and they talked about our veterans coming home with a lot of brain injuries. This reminded me of a time back in 2006 when I learned that the Marines were refusing to upgrade the combat Marines with a proven helmet upgrade. This was in spite of the fact that Congress had set aside the money, and the Army had determined these helmet upgrades were vastly superior to the issued helmet lining. Nevertheless, the Official Marine statement was something like, “we don’t follow the Army.” However, the Marines were allowing their warriors to buy their own upgrades, and many Marines were asking their parents to buy and send upgrades. Now a paraphrasing of my speech: …This made me so upset that Stambush Staffing went out and bought helmet upgrades for my entire old unit. And I could not have done this without our staffing business and the therapy community supporting Stambush Staffing. So once again, I have one more thing to be grateful to you all about. This is what really got people’s attention and garnered so much applause. I guess this showed me that people care a lot about our veterans, more so than anything else that I or the other sponsor talked about. Since then, I have started digging into this issue. If I find out the Marines are still playing this BS with their men’s lives, Stambush Staffing will make another donation. Once again, I will be even more grateful to you all and all our customers, and when I say “you all,” I am also talking about our Super Duper Office Staff.
Happy Hour Thursday, May 3rd
Date: May 3rd, 2012
Time: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: TQLA Houston
4601 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007

Please feel free to invite family, friends and/or coworkers, and don't forget about our CASH drawing. We hope to see you there!
Quote of the Week
Sassy Stambush: “Daddy, I wish I was born before toilet paper.”
Me: “Why?"
Sassy Stambush: “Then I could watch people use leaves and write about it in my journal. I think that would be funny."
I put this quote in here to remind everybody how much our young people need our guidance.

The Straight Shooter