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April 5th, 2012  

Scott Stambush
Owner and Attorney at Law

Scott Stambush is the majority owner of Stambush Staffing and has been heavily involved in the company’s administration since its inception. Scott grew up in Indiana, and he served in the Marines from 1976 to 1980. There, Scott learned many of life’s important lessons (e.g. how to treat people and how not to treat people). After his stint in the USMC, Scott majored in Communications at Indiana State University of Evansville, earning a 3.4 GPA. While in college, he worked full-time as a Psychiatric Attendant at the Evansville State Hospital. Scott also lived in Mexico City and studied Spanish at the Iberro Americana and La UNAM.
After learning that Houston had staffing companies that hired inexperienced new graduates and anyone with a license, Scott and Susan went on to create Stambush Physical Therapy in 1989. At Susan's suggestion, Scott went to law school and got his JD from South Texas College of Law in 1993. The only time Scott has not been officially involved in Stambush’s operation was when he "fired" himself in 1998 due to the market crash in healthcare, focusing instead on practicing law in Houston. He has since been “re-hired” and is inextricably involved with its day-to-day affairs, interviewing new employees and negotiating contracts with the customers we serve.

Susan Stambush, PT, MTC, OCS (1999-2009)

Susan Stambush, PT, MTC, OCS (1999-2009), attended the University of the Philippines in the early 80s, where she majored in Physical Therapy. Susan came to America in 1985 and did clinical work in northeast Texas as well as with The Methodist Hospital in Houston's Medical Center before co-founding Stambush Staffing with husband Scott Stambush in 1989.
A work-related injury encouraged her to study orthopedic, myofascial and neurologic dysfunction and pain. It also motivated her to obtain her Manual Therapy Certification under Stanley Paris and Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification from the American Physical Therapy Association. Consequently, Susan brings invaluable insight as a PT to Stambush Staffing, which always helps us keep the needs of our therapists in mind.

Fred Salazar
Director of Staffing

Fred joined Stambush Staffing in 1994. Since that time, Fred has brought his extraordinary organizational talents to bear on Stambush, making it much of what it is today. In addition to his many other talents, Fred’s nickname is “The Man” for a reason; to this day, Fred continues to build unique rapport with our customers and employees, and he can usually be heard laughing on the phone at his desk. If you ever speak with him on the phone, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Tricia Albracht
Director of Operations

Tricia joined Stambush Staffing in 1997, and has been the glue that holds the Operations side of Stambush Staffing together. On top of her involvement with staffing, Tricia also handles all matters dealing with payroll and billing, making her a vital part of the Stambush Staffing team.
Thankfully, Tricia is as consistent as she is important to this company. To our knowledge, Tricia has never called in sick while working for Stambush. Given how long she has worked for us (15 years), that really is a rarity. Time and time again, Tricia has proved to be someone upon whom we can rely, without exception, and we are glad to have her aboard.

Grace Codina
Director of Human Resources

Grace joined Stambush in 2006 as a Staffing Coordinator for the Dallas area but has since moved on to become the Director of Human Resources. Grace graduated from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University -- San Marcos) with a major in Respiratory Therapy. After graduation, Grace moved back to Dallas, where she worked in both the clinical and administrative worlds of Texas Therapy Center. In 2000, Grace even took a one-year sabbatical from respiratory care to work on an asthma research grant at SWTSU that took her to the medically underserved areas of Central Texas. Much to our liking, Grace brings her wealth of experience to her position, creating a positive work environment for our employees all over Houston.

The Straight Shooter

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