Giving Staffing a Good Name

May 24th, 2016

The Straight Shooter

Ready To Join Stambush!

Congratulations Tricia...Or Should I Say, "Grandma Tricia!!!"
Tricia’s baby boy (Jordan-many of you old timers may remember Jordan) had a baby girl!  Well, actually it was Jordan’s wife, “Hannah”, who had the baby girl, but it’s more fun to say it the other way.  Below are the details:

Alice June Albracht was born on May 13th at 5:50 p.m.  She weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz., and was 19-3/4 inches long.  She has blond hair and blue eyes.  Additionally, it should not be a shock to anyone if they heard Tricia say, “My granddaughter is the most beautiful baby in the world”.  

I asked how she felt about her new role in life as a Grandmother, and she said, “Everyone told me how I was going to love being a grandmother, and I knew it was true.  But…I never dreamed how wonderful it would actually be. Just holding her fills me with such joy.  It is almost impossible for me to adequately describe the feelings I have for this little angel.  I am so in love with her.”

Welcome Marti Castillo, RN, FNP-CN 

Please join me in welcoming Marti Castillo, RN, FNP-C to Stambush as our Clinical Nurse Manager.  Some of you may remember Marti from many years ago when she was a PTA with Stambush.  Well, Marti went back to school and became an RN and then went back to school again and became an FNP-C as well.  So what was Marti like back in the day when she was a temporary staffing PTA with Stambush?  Just your regular awesome, dedicated, reliable, competent, nice Stambush Professional who cared about her patients.  If you don't remember her, but you think you should, click here and her picture is at the bottom of the page along with the rest of us...except for Tricia because she won't let me put her picture up.

Stambush Turned 27 Years Old May 12!!!

Just for the record books, Stambush Staffing turned 27 years old on May 12.  I know I should have made a big announcement or something, but we all have a lot of work on our plate.  Keep reading to see why.
A.  Stambush Staffing Signs One Contract Covering 11 Clinics!!!
Because of our reputation (meaning all of your efforts), we recently signed a deal where we would be on call to staff 11 different Out Patient Clinics in the Greater Houston Area.  It will involve some more paper work than we are already doing, but it should be worth it. 

B.  Stambush Receives Request to Supply Staff for Multiple Private Businesses!!!
Due to everybody’s effort, Fred was able to send one of you awesome people to a site, and the next thing we know we are being asked to sign a Contract expanding across many different “job modalities” (I think that is the lingo they used), including but not limited to:  PT, PTA, OT, COTA, SLP, RN, CNA, LVN, Medical Assistant, EMT, Dental Hygienist, Office Workers and much more. 

Of course, I wouldn’t want to sign that.  JUST KIDDING!  If it is a fair Agreement, I would love to sign it.  I am in the process of going over the Contract now. 

Just like all new Customers and/or Ventures, this Multiple Private Business Agreement will also require more work on the office, but we are eager to take on more work.  It can only benefit all of us.  The population is getting older, businesses are looking to cut cost, and that all inures to our benefit because we say what we mean, and we mean what we say.  And reliable people are highly valued people.  The world is finally learning what we are all about, and we aren't done yet.

C.  Stambush Receives Another Agreement Just This AM!!!
I wrote this SS over the weekend, but this morning I had to add this article.  Another large institution (possibly large customer) sent me an Agreement today.  Last year, this Institution and I spent quite a bit of time negotiating the Agreement.  Then I got no response.  Then I followed up.  Then I was told the Entity decided not to go forward.  So what did I do?  I then sent a thank you email to the person who originally pushed for Stambush to be a Vendor.  I was truly grateful this person thought of Stambush and pushed for Stambush (especially since this is an ex-competitor), and today I got an email saying "let's go". 

Everyone is a Soldier!!!
At Stambush, we are all very different with a wide variety of skill sets, athletic abilities, backgrounds, ages, physical abilities, languages, skin colors, health issues etc (I got flat feet), but we are united by wanting to be part of an honest, reliable company that always does our best to be competent, helpful, ethical, happy to help, dedicated, caring, kind, and other similar words that escape me.  And the longer I am in this business (did you know we were founded on May 12, 1989), the more amazed I am about how true this is.  Looking back, we have hit so many home runs because of, what looked like, the actions of one person.  But it has never been about one person.  It is about all of us pulling together to push Stambush to be better and to do better.    

So if you ever see a fellow Stambusher, know that you are on the same side.  And if you see one of us struggling or being spoken ill of, see what you can do to understand what is happening first and then see if you can be helpful.  Granted, sometimes corrective action needs to be taken...even termination.  But other times there are unknown facts that, once known, make perfect sense, and make Stambush look even better.  But whatever the case, we should all remember that we all work for each other.  

But getting back to my "soldier" metaphor, everyone is a soldier.  And not all soldiers are the same.  But every soldier has his/her role to play.  Granted, some of us are (keeping with this militaristic theme) machinegunners and pilots causing massive damage to the competition.  And others of us are grunts, snipers, clerical, cooks, logistics, supply, or reconnaissance (boy I'm on a roll).  Some of us are more healthy, less healthy, older, younger, too slow for some, too fast for others, and we must all contribute what we have, including but not limited to our talent, energy,  brains, experience, enthusiasm, skill, patience, kindness, competitiveness, and spirits to help our company and ourselves (nothing wrong with that) so we can create the company we want to work with and support.  And that my friends, is a beautiful thing.  

I Thank Every Single One Of You!