May 27, 2014  

The Straight Shooter

Ready To Join Stambush!

Thank You for Helping Us Turn 25 Years Old This Month
Because of you all, our customers, and the many professionals who came before you, your Stambush Staffing turned 25 years old this month.  Most of you joined Stambush because you heard we were the best, and you are strong people who want to be on a strong team.  To you, being on a weak team is not an option.  But back around April of 1989, there were no strong staffing agencies that we knew of.  In fact, when we first started 25 years ago our PT friends (Cecile DaJose, Winnie Subida, Susan Yap, Jean Cuevo and others) told us the staffing agencies at the time were HORRIBLE.  So with their help and the help of the Twelve Oaks Hospital Director of Rehab named Margaret McReynolds, PT, along with over a thousand people over the years, here we are.  And all I can say is thank you.  And all I can do is to continue to be true to our original mission of being the best agency of all time.

What Kinds Of Things Did Those Horrible Agencies Do?
•         Hiring inexperienced new graduates
•         Not giving a competency test
•         Not terminating people even though they knew the person was unfit for temporary staffing and/or incompetent and dangerous
•         Pulling their therapist out of a job when something better came along
•         Paying their therapists different rates and then booking their cheapest people first
•         Blaming their therapist for not showing up when it was really the agency’s fault because the agency got more money somewhere else
•         Allowing therapists to be unreliable
•         Hiring any warm body with a license
•         Lying to Customers
•         Lying to Therapists

So, thanks again.  Words cannot express how grateful I am.
Stambush Staffing Gaining Ground and Blasting Off? Again?
Stambush bookings continue to grow, and we not only have all of our bookable people booked, we even have customer requests that we cannot fill.  So yes, we could use more therapists.  Of course, it is not like the old days when we had 20 unfilled customer requests and everybody booked, but we are certainly headed in that direction.  And like the last time staffing went down around Houston, we hope to fill all the requests that come to us so that our competitors leave town.  Is that asking too much? :-)

What is a Bookable Person?

A bookable person is someone who is available to drive a maximum of 60 minutes and has no restrictions about what kind of settings or hours they can work.  Some folks could get more work than they do, but they may refuse to work in certain settings.  There is nothing wrong with this.  After all, we like to treat folks like adults because adults know what they can and cannot handle.
More Complements About You All

We continue to get compliments on how great the Stambush Therapists are.  I would like to take credit, but as you all are well aware, I did not train you to be awesome.  You were awesome before you came to Stambush.  I guess I can take some credit for attracting competent, kind, honest, experienced, hardworking professionals, but even then I would have to share the credit with Susan Stambush, PT, Fred Salazar, Tricia Albracht, Grace Codina, and all the many people who are customers and/or ex-employees and/or supporters over these past 25 years.

Giving Staffing a Good Name