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May 29th, 2015

OTRs Get Raise To Match PTs and SLPs!!!
I am happy to announce that effective June 15, all OTs will receive an additional $1.50 per hour raise.  We are doing this because the market for OTs has not only risen, but it has stayed high.  If you have been with Stambush long enough, you know that we raise our pay based on the market.  Unlike other agencies, we don’t pay based on how good or how bad a person negotiates.  That isn’t relevant.  What is relevant is what the market is telling us.  
A little history lesson for you new folks:
• Several years ago the SLPs got a $1.50 per hour raise because their market grew hot and stayed hot.
• A couple years ago, the PTs got a $1.50 per hour raise for the same reason.
• And now, it is the OTs turn, and we are staying true to our policy of raising our pay across the board because it is the right thing to do.  That is the kind of company you have aligned yourself with.  However, I do reserve the right to be imperfect.☺
Just to recap, we give raises when the market rises and remains high for a considerable period of time.  We usually raise prices to our customers so if anybody ever hears anybody complain about Stambush prices (I hope you don’t), please remind them of the following:
• Stambush only hires high quality people,
• Stambush only hires experienced people,
• Stambush has the best office staff to ensure everything works right,
• Stambush does not low ball its therapists so that it can pay more money to the therapists who argue for more money,
• The more good people Stambush hires the better the customers’ prices and the better the therapists pay rates.  So to help manage customer prices from skyrocketing, and to help pay therapists more money, everyone should do what they can (within reason) to help Stambush recruit all the good therapists who want to work contract.
Stambush Turns 26 Years Old This Month
In the month of May of 1989, Susan and I started Stambush.  We didn’t know a lot about the staffing industry, but we knew it was in need of becoming better.  And so, we started Stambush with a few bedrock principles.  Here are some:
• We will not hire inexperienced new graduates because jumping around from place to place is not a good way for them to get the mentoring and experience they need.
• We will not keep therapists that make us look bad.  Yes, we will give people chances most of the time, but keeping bad therapists or therapists with abrasive personalities or unreliable therapists will hurt all the good therapists, and those are the people we are working on creating a home for.
• We will have an equal pay policy so that we do not have a corrupt motivation to book the cheapest person first.  
• We will have an equal pay policy because how much someone makes should not depend on how good a negotiator they are.
• We will tell our customers and our talent (that is you all ☺) the truth.
• We will tell our customers and our talent why we do things.  We think theory is just as important as practice.  For example:  we book our talent without asking our talent.  This is because the customer wants, and deserves, a reliable answer right away so they can stop calling other agencies.  Our talent understands that we must win every race so we can help them the most we can. So they set their rules about settings, time, distance, and then those rules become our rules.  Twenty six years of doing it this way, and almost everybody gets it and agrees it is the best way for us to win the race for the good of everybody except our competition.
• We are on call 24/7 and we expect immediate calls when our talent is sick, has a family emergency etc.  Our customers love this about us, and our talent gets it and supports it.
• We want our therapists to feel they are part of a team and to help each other.  That means sometimes taking an assignment kinda far so that your brother/sister therapist who lives close can have it as soon as he/she is available.   
• We want to be a force for good and we want to make money doing it.  And, we want all likeminded therapists who have the nervous system for contract, to join Stambush.
• We want to be helpful to the PT, OT, and Speech Professions.
• We want to run all bad guys out of business.  We don’t say who the bad guys are, we just expect our “best practices” to make them disappear.


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