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July 11th, 2011

New CPR Videos in HD

I shot some new CPR videos last week and they are now up on our website. The videos are not only in HD, but they are also broken up into sections. The sections we have are Adult CPR, Child CPR, Infant CPR, Infant Heimlich Manuever, Adult and Child Heimlich Manuver. This way, you all can pick and choose the order you want. Also, some of you new parents may only care about the infant related videos. And for all of you, we figure the HD may be a lot easier on your eyes. Just do not look at my bald spot when I bend over to demonstrate the CPR. That is all I ask.

You may also notice that there is no more Hillbilly CPR. I did not have enough time to do it, and I did not have enough energy to do it. It takes extra energy to be someone you’re not. Although, coming back from visiting my relatives in Kentucky when I was a little boy did give me a lot of practice. My sister and I would talk with a Kentucky accent on the drive all the way back to Indiana. I am not opposed to doing the Hillbilly CPR again, but you all will have to tell me to do it.

I am also planning to do a CPR video in Spanish. I am thinking this will be helpful especially for anybody who has a Spanish only speaking nanny working with their children. If this is an urgent matter for anyone, please let me know and I will rush that.

If you would like to check out our CPR Certification Class (with videos!), click here.

The Job Interview (Joke of the Week)

Three guys go in for a job interview, all at the same office.

The first one goes in for his interview and the interviewer says, "What's the first thing you see when you look at me?" The guy says, "That's not too hard, you've got no ears." The interviewer says, "That's it, get out, you'll never be seen around here again."

The second man takes his turn and is asked the same question. The applicant replies, "Uh, you've got no ears." The interviewer throws the guy out, cursing and yelling that he'll never get a job with his company. As he is leaving, the second guy warns the third guy, "Listen man, whatever you do, don't say he hasn't got any ears. He's so touchy with the ear thing." "Okay," said man #3 on his way into the office.

Once inside he is told, "Name the first thing you notice when you look at me." The guy answers, "That's easy, you wear contacts." The interviewer was flabbergasted, "How on earth did you know that, son?" "What? Are you stupid? You can't wear glasses; you've got no ears!"

Signs of the Times

Interviewing as much as I do, I hear lots of reasons why people want to go contract, but lately it seems there is a common thread linking the applicants. That common thread is the lack of fairness people feel they are getting from their employers. Granted, I have heard that complaint many times before in my 22 years with Stambush, but there seems to be something different this time. I can’t really put my finger on it, but the best I can do is say this time the unfairness seems to be rooted in the authoritarian attitudes of these therapists' employers.
Why would any reasonable employer want to treat their people in an unfair and authoritarian manner? I really don’t know. They must be really stressed out. Stress and anger are great environments for the growth of stupidity (I know that from first hand experience).
What should we do? Nothing. If some folks in management want to chase their skilled workforce into our loving arms, then I say who are we to say “no”? The more skilled and good people we have join Stambush, the better all of our prospects will be. And who knows, we just might teach some people way up in their ivory towers that the old saying, “It is nice to be important, but it is important to be nice” is true.
Finally, why are we entitled to all the skilled and good therapy professionals? Well, I think it is only fair that we get all the good and skilled workers since we exclude ourselves from hiring the following:

    Inexperienced new graduates that harm your profession and our reputation; this does not help the customer or the patient
    People who can’t pass the competency test. We have to let our competition hire them.
    People who don’t have a good nervous system for contract. I certainly don’t want someone who does not belong. I want everybody’s time with Stambush to be rewarding and much less stress than a “so called” permanent position.

Quote of the Week

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
― Abraham Lincoln.

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