August 30th, 2012  

Supplemental No Longer Supporting the Physical Therapy Profession?
Last week I went to the Texas Physical Therapy Association SED (South Eastern District) meeting, and the first thing I noticed was that Supplemental Health Care was not there like they always are. Immediately I asked the PT in charge of getting the sponsors where they were. She said Supplemental was not coming until this time next year.
This seems like a big deal to me because, for as long as I have been attending, Supplemental has been at every SED meeting, and many times their speaker has talked about how proud they were to support the PT profession by being a Gold Sponsor (a Gold Sponsor is a company that sponsors a lot).
So, if Supplemental was proud to support the PT profession by being a Gold Sponsor, then what is different now? Can it no longer afford the sponsorship fee of $300 per month? Is it supporting the PT profession in a different way? Just how does a company go from “we are so proud to support PT” to nothing?
Maybe It Was a Death By a Thousand Cuts?
About three years ago we learned that Supplemental was sponsoring the SED meetings. We then decided we should be there too so we could try to prevent the horrid practice of recruiting inexperienced new grads into temporary staffing. Every single SED meeting held since then has also had us there trying to educate the New Grads to not join a staffing agency. We talked (in the nicest way possible) about how bad it was for all of us and how agencies that do this are doing it out of greed and a reckless disregard for the PT profession. We also had two $100 drawings at every meeting, which might have had something to do with me always getting the loudest applause (either that or my good looks).
It was mentioned to me at least once that my constant attacks against hiring inexperienced new grads for temporary staffing work could cause Supplemental to stop sponsoring the SED. To which I said, “Don’t worry. If Supplemental ever stops coming, Stambush will pay double."
How to Win
All of us live in a competitive world. Most of the time, if not always, we are the smaller and weaker opponent. Nevertheless, we can still win, and here are some important parts of the foundation to winning:
1. Show up
2. Be consistent
3. Have a good attitude
4. Have good fundamentals
Of course, there is more to winning than the above. However, as you can almost definitely tell by Supplemental’s disappearance from the SED meetings, it is a darn good start.

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