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Giving Staffing a Good Name

August 8th, 2012  

One of Your Excellent Employees
Here is an email I got from one of our customers about one of you. To hide the identity, I omitted the name and replaced “he/she” with the original word. Other than that, this is verbatim.
Fred and Tricia,
Does Stambush have an employee of the month program or employee of the year award? I’m asking because if so, I would like to submit a nomination. :) AND—if not, I’ll just submit my opinion about one of your excellent employees.
As you well know, (name omitted) is a boisterous & fun example of Louisiana upbringing! I just want to let you know how much and how often he/she goes above and beyond the “call of duty” when working here at our facility. He/She has pulled my department out of a jam many more times than once and although I tell him/her how much I appreciate this level of dedication to the job—I think being sure I let him/her employer know is equally important. We have been literally slammed with increased volume over the last few months and he/she has relentlessly covered overtime, weekends and holidays just to help make sure we have enough coverage. I frequently have to remind myself that he/she is a Stambush employee and not my own because of the devotion he/she gives to our patients and the department in general. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing employee! I wanted to be sure you know the terrific way he/she represents your company.
I always appreciate all of your Stambush employees because of the level of professionalism they exhibit. Thanks so much for being such an upstanding and reputable contract agency and such a pleasure to work with!”
Being Afraid of Risk Is Risky
You’ve heard it before. “Oh contract is too risky for me. You never know where you are going to be or if you will have work, and you get put in unethical facilities where you have to go along with the program. I just can’t take that kind of risk."
I, like you, have been hearing those arguments and others like them since 1989, and I, like you, have tried to explain that Stambush is really not that risky. After all, look at all the Facilities (Rosewood Hospital, Twelve Oaks Hospital, etc) that have gone out of business since we first started, all the while employees at those Facilities were afraid to go contract because they didn’t want to take a risk. Furthermore, look at the many people at Stambush who have earned way more than their peers while still having freedom and flexibility as well as a management team they are not afraid of.  In my view, those who were most afraid of taking a risk are the ones who took the most risk and, over time, lost big money as well as the freedom and flexibility to make their own schedule. Here is the good part: those of you who took the big risk and joined Stambush ended up taking the least risk.
Also, we are not done yet. It is one of my missions in life to make Stambush the best employment decision all of us ever made.
Luke Returns from Nicaragua OK
As many of you know, Luke Stambush failed Spanish II last year, so I took him to Nicaragua and left him there for two months. Well, our Lukey Boy has returned a much better Spanish speaker than before and a little more grateful about things. He even says that he likes Spanish now, something I didn’t ever think I would hear.
I was a little worried about him coming back and going through customs, but Luke said that when the customs agent heard why Luke was in Nicaragua, he called his co-workers over and had Luke repeat his story. Luke said one agent closed his line down to come hear Luke say how he had to go to Spanish School, a local boxing gym, and salsa lessons as part of his punishment. According to Luke, one cop started laughing and said, “Man, when I flunked Spanish my dad just whopped my butt" (he didn’t really say butt).
Now that it is all over, I must tell you that I was pretty worried about whether or not Susan and I did the right thing. There were many times I doubted my decision. I am sure you veteran parents understand, and I hope this helps you brand new parents in some way.

The Straight Shooter