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September 13th, 2011

Tricia's Vacation: Ba Humbug to Vacations - Here Are the Consequences
Our super duper Tricia Albracht is going on vacation from Tuesday, September 20th through Tuesday, September 27th. Personally, I don’t believe in vacations and I don’t see why people go on them. Yes, I go on vacations but that is only because Susan makes me. If I had it my way I would erase the word vacation from our language. Vacation? Ba Humbug!

But I don’t always get my way. In fact, I work for you all as much as you all work for me. So, here is the reality of Tricia’s vacation:

    Time sheets must be faxed by 10 am on the following Mondays: September 19th and September 26th. If not, you will have to wait for the following payroll period to get paid.
    We must remember to fax (or scan and email) our timesheets in. We will not have Tricia to remind us.

Boy this vacation talk has really got me mad. I am thinking about starting a petition to abolish all vacations. Who is with me?

News in a Nutshell

I have been interviewing so much lately that I have not had much time to write the Straight Shooter. So here is what is going on:

    You all are great! - We continue to get compliments on you all. Thanks for being you. I know I am grateful. And I hope everybody is grateful to be a part of something like this. There is no doubt we have the best office backing up the best therapists. What a beautiful combination.
    Our “It Takes One To Know One” referral program is working good. – We have paid out $50 for a name and contact information of an interested person, and we have paid out a couple $100 checks for interviews. I suspect some (if not all) of these referring people will end up with another $1,000 after their referred therapists are with us for two months of full time work.
    Many people are applying with Stambush. In the last two weeks I have had 10 interviews. More than half of the interviews are people re-hiring on to Stambush. So yes, I know many of these people already, and they are our kind of folks: competent, hardworking, reliable, and easy to get along with. You know, the kind of therapists that makes the customer say, “Stambush is great. I hope I never have to call another agency other than Stambush again. I wish I could buy stock in Stambush.”
    Customer Complains About Other Agency – Another customer told me recently that they are not too happy with another agency’s selection of therapists. Apparently, the agency sent some people with no experience in the setting they were scheduled to work. So, thank you other agency. We will take all the help you want to give us.

I have to go now. I wish I could elaborate more, but I have two interviews today. So until next time, stay smart, competent, reliable, and nice. Thanks again for being you.

The Straight Shooter