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Giving Staffing a Good Name

September 18th, 2012  

Stambush Sunday Brunch
How many people are interested in coming to a Sunday Brunch somewhere? Susan came up with that idea today as she, Tricia, Fred, and I were having breakfast at Avalon Diner. It might be a good time to get reminded about our 401K and investing strategies, as well as just talk in a more quiet atmosphere. Of course, children are welcome.

Low Census Around Town
As some of you may know, the census is low in many places in town. As a consequence, we have people from other agencies as well as PRN people applying to work with Stambush. Of course, our plan is to book you all first (as long as your parameters will permit). In this business, timing is a huge issue, so the more ready we are, the better chance we have to get the work.

Additionally, I am also hearing of some so called “permanent” staff being asked to take the day off. So much for the word “permanent."

Kill Them with Kindness and Helpfulness

When we are at a facility and things slow down so much there is nothing to do, we have a perfect opportunity to find something to do. That doesn’t mean read a book or get on Facebook. I am talking about going around to all the staff (including other agency personnel) and asking if they need any help. Yes: when I say staff, I am also talking about the secretaries. Of course, I would ask them last. The other therapy professionals in the department are the first ones we should ask. Stambush already stands out as the best agency by far, but by adding more kindness and helpfulness, we will be an asset to our customers. Let the other agencies be liabilities. That is not us.

Think and Grow Rich

I am now reading a book written in 1930s called Think and Grow Rich. I am not done with it yet, and I will probably read it at least two more times before I return it to the library. One of the things I got tickled about was how important it is to NOT violate the rights of others while we are accumulating our wealth. Of course, as I read and learn more, I will be passing the information along to you all. I won’t be at my happiest unless all or a large majority of you can truthfully credit Stambush with being your very best career choice ever.

Of course, there are more important things than money. However, without money, we cannot be free in our minds and our bodies to do the things more important than money.

The Straight Shooter