September 22th, 2015

The Straight Shooter

Customers Want Stambush to Include Nursing
Several customers have asked me to add nursing to our list of services.  This will include all types of RNs and possibly CNAs, but probably mostly RNs.  I want you all to hear this first so you can help shape our approach as well as get first chance at making a referral fee.  I cannot say for certain that our referral fee will be the same for therapy talent ($1,000 after two months of full time work), but I won’t be surprised if it is.  Especially for the RNs. 

Your help in addressing the following is greatly appreciated:
1.What reason(s) are there for Stambush to not include nursing?
2.What pitfalls and opportunities are in the nursing world that are not in the therapy world?
3.What information do you have about nursing that we should know so we can be better than all the other agencies?
   3(a) What do current nurse staffing agencies do that RNs don’t like?
4.Does anyone have a RN friend who can tell us about the pay, benefits, and other issues involved in nurse staffing?
Pros and Cons to adding nursing?  

• More work for Grace, Tricia, Fred and me to staff which theoretically could take attention from our current talent (you all).  I don’t think this “Con” is very likely since our system is very fine tuned and we continue to fine tune it.
• Stambush might start hiring low quality RNs and CNAs which would hurt our reputation.  Nope!  I do not have the patience to hire low quality people.  Yes there will be times we hire people who do not belong with Stambush, but they will not be allowed to stay if they can’t get an A game.

• More referral fee money for you all.  We still won’t pay for referring a customer’s employee, but we have no problem paying you for referring a good RN/CNA from another agency.
• More business for Stambush means we all have a better chance at making more money.
• The bigger Stambush gets, the more power we will have to be a force for good in the Greater Houston Area.  Which could also lead to more contracts for ALL our talent.

Stambush Staffing Gets it Right Long Before The US Congress and the Department of Labor…Yay Stambush!!!
Quite some time ago I figured out that having a broker advise us on our 401K was not as good as having a Fiduciary advising us on our 401K.  And so, I fired our brokers and hired our Fiduciary Paul Jackson.  Well now, the Department of Labor is trying to make it a regulation and force 401K and IRA accounts to hold brokers to a fiduciary standard.  Why?  Because brokers are currently legally free to self-deal and advise clients to do what is good for the Broker while the Fiduciary is bound by law to act in the client’s best interest.  And believe me, a broker free of a Fiduciary standard who self-deals a needless 2% here and/or 3% there per year, can cause a lot of damage to my goal (and yours) of making sure you all retire with a lot of money.  And anybody who interferes with that goal has got to go.

So will the Department of Labor get what it wants and replace Brokers with Fiduciaries?  I hope so, but I kinda doubt it.  The brokers have a lot of lobby money they can spend on convincing our representatives to vote for keeping the Brokers involved, and good reasoning is not a requirement.  For example, I heard one argument in favor of Brokers go like this:  “But then the Brokers will make less money.” 

So while other companies may allow their employees to be advised by a Broker who has no legal duty to act in his/her client’s best interest, your company killed and buried that dragon a long time ago.

Disclaimer:  I am not saying all Brokers are cheaters and self-dealers.  I am saying they currently have the freedom to self-deal, and that is way too much freedom for an advisor to have in my opinion.

Houston Growing Despite Low Oil Prices

An article appeared on “Oil Pro” today saying that even though oil prices are low, Houston is on track to become the USA’s 3rd largest City in 8-10 years.  What is Oil Pro?  It is a professional networking group for the oil and gas industry.  Why am I on it?  I was invited by a friend of mine and I clicked “yes”.  I figured the more knowledge I have the more helpful I can be.

So, back to the article, and some of the points I found most relevant: 

1.Even though Houston’s oil economy owes about 40% to the energy industry, Houston is considered to be a “well-rounded” place for folks to live.
2.It won’t happen overnight, but in 8-10 years Houston is on track to be bigger than Chicago.
3.Lately, Houston has gotten a reputation as one of the better cities to find a job. 
4.Diversity, with more than 90 languages spoken, is another factor.
5.NASA and our port that is the largest handler of foreign tonnage in the USA.
6.Chicago’s unemployment rate has risen recently while Houston’s unemployment rate is below the national average.
7.We are among the top in resettling refugees from abroad.
8.When the price of oil rebounds, we will grow even more.
9.Chicago has housing limitations and we don’t.  In fact, there are currently large apartment buildings being built in Midtown (According to William Fulton, Director at the Kinder Institute for Urban Research)
10.Most of the growth is from singles and couples moving inside the loop.
11.Traffic is the biggest problem according to the Kinder Houston Area Survey.
12.If the housing market sees some declines in prices, it will probably happen in overbuilt areas, new neighborhoods replacing older ones, less populated areas, and areas further outside of Houston (According to Michele Marano who specializes in Houston real estate for Oil and Gas clients).

In sum, Houston, the Energy Capital of the World, is a city on the move!!! 

Finally, I thank all of you and our customers for supporting a local Veteran owned company.  Here, you are not just directly helping yourselves.  You are directly helping the Houston economy, and that is a good thing for all of us.


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