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Giving Staffing a Good Name

September 5th, 2012  

The Word Is Out About Us

I recently interviewed a therapy professional from another agency because this person had not gotten any work from said agency for about three weeks. What did I learn? I will paraphrase his/her words:
"The word is out. Stambush is the toughest agency to join."
"My agency does not pay people equally."
"My agency embarrasses me sometimes."
"I try very hard to do a good job and make my agency look good and then someone from my agency shows up 1 ½ hours late. The director looks at me and says, 'They’re from your agency.'"
"My agency has a reputation for hiring any warm body with a license."
"I was kinda worried about meeting you because I read your bio about being a marine, and I thought, 'oh no this marine is gonna follow me to the bathroom and make me pee in a jar.'"
"My agency’s retirement plan is not as good as Stambush’s."
"I can’t get overtime at my agency. Customers don’t want to pay time and a half for weekend work."
"When I saw your website say 'overtime encouraged,' I wondered how that was possible."  (Here I told him we don’t charge our customers overtime just because we have to pay our people overtime).
"I have worked for two other agencies before. They had a hard time finding work, and one of them was very unethical. Plus, they had a hard time finding work."
"Guaranteed work? They talk big."
"I have been with this agency a long time, and I’ve had 12 different staffing coordinators."
"I was working with a new person from my agency who asked me how to fill out the cell phone reimbursement sheet. I said I have been with this agency for many years and have never heard of such a thing, so I called the regional manager and said 'this new therapist is getting phone reimbursement, how do I get that?' The boss said, 'you two should not be talking about that.'"
"That 'phone reimbursement' therapist soon quit my agency because they did not have another assignment when his/hers ended.
"One time my schedule got all messed up, and I didn’t have work. My staffing coordinator told me he/she was sorry but he/she was having problems with his/her spouse."
"All of the Stambush people I have worked with have been very good."

There are other things I would like to get more detailed about, but I am afraid I would be breaching this person’s confidentiality. Also, any juicy details would not add to the obvious conclusion that Stambush is the best. Although we are not perfect, we are getting better all the time thanks to people like you. Moreover, we will even be better once we have all the good contractors on our team and the other agencies have only inexperienced new graduates, people afraid of Stambush, and people we have terminated. Finally, you guys are great! Thank you so much for being diligent, reliable, honest, ethical, reasonable, competent and a lot more good things. I am very proud of and grateful to you all. Of course, this includes our team in the office, who are truly amazing people.

We Have Friends in Many Places

Below in italics is an email response I got from a former Stambusher after last week’s Straight Shooter that highlighted Supplemental no longer sponsoring the TPTA SED meetings. It is very interesting in that it shows we have friends everywhere, and, as we all know, that goes a long way toward giving us an even bigger edge against our competition as well as more power to do the right thing and be a force for good.
Scott and staff, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR PATIENCE!!!! it always pays off. I will always support your business even during times I do not actively work for you. You will always be my comfort blanket during changing times.

The Straight Shooter