Therapist Testimonials

I arrived in Houston, TX on June 1st, 2010, and I immediately went to work for another staffing agency.

My first assignment was at a rehab hospital in Katy, TX. After a couple of days, the rehab director and I struck up a friendship, and he told me the first staffing agency he called was Stambush Staffing because it was a therapist-owned company with the best therapists because of the competency test everyone was required to take before being hired by Stambush. Needless to say, after not being paid by the current staffing agency (competitor's name deleted) after more than two weeks, I decided to call Scott Stambush at the rehab director's insistence. I have never regretted that decision, and I appreciate all Stambush has done for me since then.
If you want a real family, 401K, long term and short term disability and all the other benefits offered by direct hire companies I truly believe Stambush is your answer.

―Sandra Maynard, SLP

I have worked for Stambush only a short time. I was with another contract agency; however they were not providing me with the work I need to pay my bills. I was on the verge of accepting a contract out of town (and was not happy about that) when Scott called and offered to meet with me. Within a week Stambush had placed me in a facility.
At one of the facilities, one of the therapists mentioned Stambush was a really good company and had a good reputation. Word of mouth among therapists can make a big difference in a staffing company's reputation.
At the same facility, an administrator from a facility I had worked at under the other company was filling in for the day, and I told her I was working for Stambush. She said she would call them the next time she needed a therapist. Our actions and professionalism speak louder than words. I have worked hard to build a good reputation as a therapist and I want to work for a company that an employer would call first. I have enjoyed working for Stambush and have referred my friends as well.

―Lynn Akin, COTA

"Stambush offers me the flexibility to be a great mom & wife, and opportunities to be a great therapist. Where else can you have your cake & eat it too! They are always there no matter what you need. A company that is supportive and ethical, with great pay . . . What else could I ask for?"

―Steva Hughes, PTA

Stambush Staffing is the BEST! I became a member of this awesome agency back in 1996. It was actually a blessing in disguise. I had just been laid off from my current job on a Friday. I interviewed with Scott on Saturday, and I was booked to work on Monday. Whenever you need them, they are there.
Needless to say, I have done my share of PRN work, but when PPS first hit, PRN was taking a beating! We were the first to get cancelled and definitely the last to be called (if they called at all), but during those trying PPS days, I was gainfully employed thanks to Stambush. I would make a call to Fred "The Man," and, like always, he had me booked up to two weeks, and at times, for months. Stambush has great management, excellent staffers, no PTO request forms, and total flexibility...but most of all, you are associated with and represent the best agency in town!
I can't say enough about Stambush...they are simply the BEST!
―Sharlene Abelenda, PTA

I've been with Stambush for over 2 years and I LOVE IT ! This job has given me the opportunity to gain experience in many different areas, including hand therapy, school system, and long term acute care. Although I had 3 1/2 years of experience prior to working for Stambush, this job has helped me become a much better therapist. Not only am I competent in more areas of practice, but I have also learned to be very flexible, and am able to adapt well to whatever environment I am working in.
Some of the other things I like about working for Stambush:

    Making more money while working fewer hours per week
    Taking off as much time as I like
    Avoiding burnout because my job is always changing
    Being free from annoying office politics, rigid work schedules, career ladder hoops to jump through
    Knowing that Stambush looks out for their employees and tries to place you based on your preferences

I plan to work for Stambush for a long time, but I imagine that someday I will want to look for another regular job. When I do, I will have some excellent experience and a lot of information as to what settings I would be happiest working in.
―Margherita Toscan, OT

I have worked on and off with Stambush since 1999. My wife (a Physical Therapist) has worked with Stambush on/off for over 13 years. During my time with Stambush, I personally encountered an array of experiences which Fred, Scott, Ten-Ten, and Tricia all did everything they possibly could to work around MY schedule. You see, at Stambush, you get to know everyone by name, which is something that means a lot to me.
Anyway, many things happened to me, from getting sent to Africa with the NAVY, married, accepted to PT school, and finally, to getting an officer's commission in the US Army. No matter what happened, Fred and the gang really took care of me. I have done a lot of work independently from STAMBUSH, and each time I realize that it just is not worth it. I've encountered various situations, from people not wanting to pay me after working to a clinic not calling me to say they decided not to open after all or (worst of all) telling me that they accidentally scheduled six patients at 6PM for me to see alone. Yes, the salary was higher, but boy it did seem to always come at a cost. However, each time I called Fred to tell him it was not working out, asking for him to find work for me again, Fred did not hesitate. Did he say, "Well you decided to leave us, so you may have to wait before you can come back?" No, he said "glad to have you back" and "which days do you need work?"
So, why am I writing this testimonial on behalf of Stambush? Certainly not because I feel obligated, but because I want others to know about the family that Stambush has.
―Felix Islas, PTA, B.S., 2LT

I have been meaning to contact you for quite some time now since I still consider Stambush to be the best company I have ever worked for, and that probably includes the future also. This of course remains to be seen, and there is about to be another test of this as I am going to change companies once again. Yes, it has only been about a year and a quarter, but I cannot continue to work for a company that has no problem with putting one's license in jeopardy.
There have been a couple of instances where my current boss has asked me to do things of a questionable nature and also ignores my objections in favor of company profits. Of course I NEVER had any hint or worry of this type of thing when I was with Stambush. It was nice for Stambush to go the extra mile in finding out how the State Board felt about any issue we had encountered and then back us up all the way as far as proper conduct was concerned.
You know I would still be working with Stambush if it wasn't for the fact that my wife and I wanted to get out of Houston (too HOT!) and back to cooler climate.
―Fred Steinberg, PT

"Stambush has been awesome. Everyone at Stambush has been great and always treated me as a professional & a real person. Stambush is A-Class and I have nothing but good things to say about our company. Stambush is outstanding, and I thank you for the opportunity to serve."

―Linda Dyerly, OT

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