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"In business for 25 years, we don't waver on principles."     
"Once a puppy mill, always a puppy mill?"     
Problem: Will your staffing agency hire any warm body with a license?

Most staffing agencies will hire any warm body with a license.  This is because numbers matter more than people.  If you believe numbers matter more than people or you do not care what your agency’s reputation is, stay with those agencies.  But what if you know you are good and you want to join the best agency?

Remedy: Join Stambush.

But don’t take our word for it.  Just ask around and you will find that Stambush is considered the premier staffing agency in the Greater Houston Area. Sure we have people who don’t like us.  But many of those folks are people we terminated, couldn’t pass our competency test, or are so misinformed their belief’s don’t match reality.


"Is your temporary staffing agency a puppy mill?"     
Remedy: Equal pay.

At Stambush you won't have that problem, because we have an equal pay policy.  That is right.  We don't negotiate with talent and then end up with a lot of pay disparity that puts a corrupt motivation in front of us.  We want to book the best person for the job.  Not the cheapest person we have.


Problem: How does that high hourly rate you negotiated with your staffing agency hurt you?

Many staffing agencies will negotiate an hourly rate thinking they helped themselves.  But did they?  Remember that a staffing agency that pays its talent differently will have a corrupt motivation to book their cheapest people first.  And when the jobs are scarce, it is the highly paid people who will not have work.  A super high hourly rate won’t pay anything if you don’t have work.

Remedy: Stambush doesn't waver.

We have been in business for 25 years and still have the same guiding principles as when we started. You won't see us change just because of some temporary glitch in the economy or industry. We know what works long term and you can count on us to stay true to principles.



Problem: Once a puppy mill always a puppy mill?

You will find some temporary staffing agencies who say they used to be a puppy mill, but no longer hire inexperienced new graduates.  Some of these agencies only stopped hiring inexperienced new graduates because the demand for talent got soft.  As soon as it heats back up, they will be crawling all over the place looking for inexperienced new graduates to put into their puppy mill. As of this writing, we know of no puppy mill who truly repented.

Remedy: Stambush is not, and has never been, a puppy mill.

Stambush is not and has never been a puppy mill.  Since we first began in 1989, our co-founder Susan Stambush, PT said "we will not hire inexperienced new graduates.  That practice is bad for the new graduate, bad for the customer, and bad for the profession."


Problem: Is your temporary staffing agency a puppy mill?

Many staffing agencies hire inexperienced new graduates because they are cheaper, available, and easier to control.  We think those agencies are basically puppy mills that only care about quick money, and not about the new graduate’s foundation, career, well-being, or the profession as a whole.

Remedy: Join Stambush.

We don’t double book people and we won’t go back on our word even if a better deal comes along.  Sure, if a better deal comes along (closer to your house, longer assignment etc) we’ll talk to our customer and try to work it out so we can get you the best deal, but once we give our word the Director has the final say.  We won’t hurt your reputation or our reputation…we just won’t.

Problem: Does your staffing agency throw you under the bus?

Many staffing agencies have a reputation for being unreliable, but (I believe) it is not so much that the talent are unreliable as it is the agency double booking you and then sending you to the customer that offers the best deal.  Sometimes (rarely I believe) the agency take responsibility for you not showing up, but for the most part, the agency acts surprised by your no show and it is your reputation that gets thrown under the bus. 

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