Welcome Aboard Letter

This is the full text of letters we send to therapists that sign on with Stambush Staffing. We thought it would be good to put it online since it not only serves as a reminder to us of how we do business, but we thought our customers might like to see what we have to say on the matter as well.
Thank you for joining Stambush Staffing. I would like to welcome you as part of our team of hardworking, knowledgeable, honest, ethical, flexible, caring and reliable therapy professionals. Our HR department has completed your file. We are ready to begin placing you according to the guidelines on your application.

Your hourly rate will be $______________.  If you are on probation, your hourly rate will be raised to what all other therapists in your field are receiving, once your probation is complete.

NAME BADGE:  Our Name Badge printer is sooooo old that when we recently updated to Windows 10, the software was not compatible. So, we are unable to print a name badge, but because most of our customers are outpatient clinics, they do not require a name badge. In fact, most of them prefer our staff not wear our name badge because they want their patients to feel like our therapy professional's are also a part of their clinic.

TIMESHEETS:  You can download a copy of our timesheet from our website www.stambush.com, but for your convenience I've attached a timesheet for you to print out. We report payroll every Monday, so please fax your timesheets to us no later than noon every Monday. We require 1 timesheet per facility per week. So if you worked at 3 different facilities, we would need 3 different timesheets. However, if you only worked at 1 facility, you can use the same timesheet for the entire week. Our work week is from Monday through Sunday, so if you worked over the weekend, you would need to submit those timesheets by the following Monday as well. Additionally, when filling in your timesheet(s), you will write your "time in" and "time out" and the time you spent for lunch (15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hr, etc.), as well as your tolls, parking and mileage.  When filling out your time, please use 15 min increments. Use the 7 and 8 min rule (i.e. 8:07 round down to 8:00 and 8:08 round up to 8:15 OR 8:22 round down to 8:15 and 8:23 round up to 8:30). Please note, mileage is not always reimbursed. It just depends on the facility you are assigned to and the amount of miles you drive. Most of the facilities inside the loop do not pay mileage because they are centrally located. And most of the facilities outside the belt do pay as long as you drive 40 or more miles roundtrip. However, I always advise everyone to document their mileage on the timesheet, so if the facility pays you will be reimbursed. But if your mileage is not on your timesheet, you will NOT be paid even if the facility does reimburse. And please remember to have someone from the facility sign your timesheet. In situations where no one is there to sign, please send your timesheet to me unsigned and I will send it to the facility director for signature the following day. 

Our fax number is located on the bottom of every timesheet. However, if you are not able to fax your timesheet(s), either from home or from the facility, there is a great app that I personally use called CamScanner. It can be installed on Android or Apple phones. Once you take a picture of your timesheet through the CamScanner app, it will automatically select the borders of your timesheet and you can select several options (i.e. color, black & white, lighten, etc.) before emailing it. The app is very easy to use and the quality of the timesheets are much better than just taking a picture and texting. 

SCHEDULING:  Simply let us know the days that you would like to be placed and we will do our very best to get you placed on those days. The only thing we ask is please be available. We will first confirm you with the facility, based on the guidelines you've given us (on your application during your interview).  Then we will call you to let you know that you are confirmed. We will not check with you before we confirm because you've already given us your guidelines. The only instance we will call you first is if we have questions regarding the distance or the type of facility. So it is very important to check with us FIRST before making other commitments on the days that you've asked us to find you work. Moreover, if for any reason you are not placed one day, there is a strong possibility that you may get a call in the morning. Since we are Houston’s most reliable staffing agency, we often get calls in the morning when our customer’s staff call in sick. Therefore, if you do not want to be called in the morning or if you’d rather not work that day, please let us know ahead of time. We require 1 month notice (via email) for any time off you would like to take. This will allow us 2 weeks to find coverage and if we do not get coverage within the first 2 weeks, it will allow us to give the facility 2 weeks notice so they can call another agency or their PRN staff. Please note, we also require one month notice if you decide to resign.

When you are placed at a facility, please remember to:
· always be competent, honest, reliable, professional, kind and caring.
· fill out your timesheet correctly and make sure the Facility Representative signs it. If the Facility Rep is not there, leave a copy for them to sign and keep a copy for yourself just in case the copy left is misplaced.
· please make sure all of your documentation is complete before you leave, and this includes any Facility idiosyncrasies (i.e. return pagers, keys, badges, etc.)
· if we do not receive your timesheet by Monday, we will not be able to pay you until the next pay period (the following week, provided we get your timesheet).

Furthermore, it is our job to get you the work, but once you’ve been placed at a facility it is your job to make a good impression, so the facility will ask for you back.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email. I am on call, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can either call the main number (713) 334-1818 x 1 or my cell (713) 419-3693.

We look forward to working with you.

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