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"Long story short - you call, and you don't wait"        
"Hiring inexperienced people does not make any sense"     
Competition: They do pay employees for referring your staff

We have seen a lot of websites, and we have never seen any restrictions on referral fees when it comes to customers employees. It seems all is fair in love and war.  We don’t think they’re trying to destroy your business, but we know they are out to grow their business at any cost. That’s even more dangerous, and it is a corrupt motivation we weeded out a long time ago.


Stambush: We don't pay our employees a referral fee if they refer your therapists

We not only tell everyone this on our website, it is in our Policies and Procedures.  We’re out to help you, not hurt you.

Competition: Will hire anyone with a license

We don’t have special surveillance or insight into the hard facts surrounding our competitors’ hiring practices, but we can tell you that their refusal to take a stance on this issue speaks volumes.  This means they don’t mind giving you the short end of the stick by having inexperienced foreign-trained therapists in your facility, because these folks will likely need the same mentoring an inexperienced new graduate here would need.  Basically, they let you do all their training for them, all while you’re paying them for their services.



Stambush: Won't hire anyone without 1-year of in-USA experience

Before we say anything, we should state that this has nothing to do with where anyone was born - in fact, our first therapist (and co-founder) was a foreign-trained therapist. However, she had in-country experience under her belt.  The consequences are much the same as with an inexperienced new graduate for different reasons. There are plenty of great foreign-trained therapists out there, but we think that they need to learn the ropes of the system in the US for at least a year before they can contend with the world of contract therapy.

Competition: Recruits inexperienced new graduates

Without naming names, it’s common knowledge to everyone in the industry that pretty much every agency hires inexperienced new graduates. Some might deny it when asked point-blank, but their actions tell a different story.


Stambush: Won't hire inexperienced new graduates

Look, we love new grads - we really do. That’s precisely why we won’t hire them. There are few things that are worse for an inexperienced new graduate than contract work while wet behind the ears. We go into detail about this practice here, but simply put - it’s bad for you, your staff, your patients and your professions. The last thing we want to do is make life worse for any of the above.

Competition: Has to call a therapist to confirm

Our competitors have a different system than we do, usually filled with corporate-authored scheduling software and bureaucracy. Our system is home-grown and only used in-house.      

Stambush: Books assignments immediately

With the way our system works, we know what our therapists are willing to do and what they’re not. If we have someone whose parameters fit your assignment, we’ll book them immediately and tell them later; they know that they’ve committed to us and you by extension. The only time we call our therapists is when your assignment is slightly outside of their normal parameters. One way or the other, though, you’ll get your answer as soon as we do.

Competition: Turns off phones at 5:00

OK, not ALL of our competitors do this, a few of them definitely do. We can’t confirm if they treat their customers the same way, but we know (through their former employees) that one of our bigger competitors is out of pocket after hours. We don’t treat people like that because we hate that, too.

Anyone who has been in healthcare for a while knows that there are plenty of staffing agencies out there, and they’re mostly not that different from each other. They all do pretty much the same thing, and we agree that this is mostly the case.  We beg to differ when it comes to our company, though, because we really do bring a different attitude to allied health staffing.


But don't just take our word for it. Here's what others have to say:

"Stambush offers me the flexibility to be a great mom, wife, and opportunities to be a great therapist. Where else can you have your cake & eat it too! They are always there no matter what you need. A company that is supportive and ethical, with great pay . . . What else could I ask for?" -Steva Hughes, PTA

"Stambush has been awesome. Everyone at Stambush has been great and always treated me as a professional & a real person. Stambush is A-Class and I have nothing but good things to say about our company. Stambush is outstanding, and I thank you for the opportunity to serve." -Linda Dyerly, OT 

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Stambush: Available 24/7

You may get one of our cell phone’s answering machines after hours, but that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring your message until the next business day. Barring acts of God, we’re going to call you back before bed time.

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