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Why Join Stambush? That's a good question! In short, because we're the best agency for you and for Houston. Here's why:

Balance - We provide the best balance between your freedom and getting you work. In exchange for what you give to us (basically, your permission for us to find you work), we find you the most work we can as quickly as we can without having to involve you with the nitty-gritty of finding you an assignment. That means you can concentrate on your patients while we focus on you and your needs.
Equality - We pay everyone in each discipline the same rate, and we have very good reasons for that. In a nutshell, that puts everyone on the same playing field, and it ensures that we will never have a corrupt incentive to place a therapist that doesn’t belong in a particular assignment just because he/she takes a lower rate, making us more money. Long story short: we always provide the best therapist for the job.
Ethics - When you join Stambush, you gain freedom and the peace of mind that you are part of a company that does not have a negative effect on your profession. We only hire the best, and we only place the best. We don’t believe in keeping second-rate therapists around just to make money off of them. When people think of the most competent, responsible agency in town, we want them to think of us - and that’s why we want you.