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your power to help our customers make as much honest money as possible. If you don't, that won't be fair. And we all want


Scott Stambush, CEO

3. Help The Customer Make As Much Honest Money As Possible: Having owned an outpatient clinic before, we know 

firsthand how important it is to document all your work as well as dot every "I" and cross every "T". Unfortunately, it seems

many Payors are looking for reasons to not pay our customers for your work. So please make sure you do everything within

every second you take to complain or think about how unfair the world is, you now have even less time to treat your patient.

all the time you need with every patient. In times like these, do the best you can with the time you have. And remember, for

2. Do The Most You Can With The Time You Have: As we all know, the world is not perfect and you will not always get

1. Do No Harm: This includes but is not limited to the patient, your body, your license, your co-worker(s), etc.

These are priorities we want Stambush therapy professionals to have.

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